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30B bra size - Do your bra fitting virtually on Shyaway to get the perfect Bra size in all your favourite styles in soft cotton or sexy, contouring synthetics. Get the latest Everyday Bras and seamed bras on a combo.

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You would be surprised to know that 80 percent of the women around the world wear the wrong bra size. Perhaps you are too. The importance of wearing a well-fitting bra cannot be understated. Apart from providing good support for the breasts, a bra that fits well also does justice to the outfit you’re wearing.

Finding your Bra size - You are just an inch tape away from a good bra. So here are the basics to help you discover fabulous bras. A bra size is denoted as a combination of a number and an alphabet. For example, in a  bra size 30 B, the number 30 implies that the underband measurement is 30 inches and the overbust is 1 inch more than the band size when measured around fullest part of your breast. For a bust size of 30B, there are a lot of different bra styles in the market.

Try our printed everyday bras - The cup size B is neither too small not too big. Lightly padded Dailywear Bras will provide the required support as well as shape the breasts nicely. But an Unpadded Bra would work just as well. Shyaway has some lovely bras that are perfect for everyday wear. They are crafted with superior cotton making them ideal for the scorching summers. We’ve picked the latest print designs for our bras so you Lingerie Shopping will no longer be boring.

Say Susie for moulded cups - Our home brand Susie has some dailywear bras which have been tailored with pre-moulded fabric cups. The double layered cups provide optimum support , in fact, just as much as foam padding. Check out the collection now!

Solid coloured bras - If you are a fan of the classic bra shades – white, nude and black, you will find dailywear, cotton rich bras in the size 30 B in the brand Cross & Pearl. There are also other interesting solid colours. There are seamless bras that have smooth cups. They are ideal for use under T-shirts. If you are worried about nipple show thorough then just opt for our cool adhesive nipple concealers. You’ll find them under the accessories tab.

Bras constructed with seam - Contrary to the common notion, bras that are tailored with seams provide a lot more support than the seamless bras. There are different types of seams – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, transverse and then three part cups.

Vertical seams :  Vertical seams in a bra go all the way from the base of the cup to its top. Bras with vertical seams offer great support and lift. Bras with such seams lift the breast tissues up making them a comfortable choice for full busted women. In bras with shorter gore, a vertical seam enchances the cleavage. Some variations of the vertical seam are part seam and multiple vertical seams. Part seams go part way up the cup and are mostly for shaping and a certain amount of support. Multiple vertical seams are common in bras with demi or Balconette cups. They offer lots of lift and a well-defined cleavage. We have some lovely dailywear bras tailored with this type of seam.

Horizontal seams : The horizontal seam in a bra begins and ends in the wire line. They can go straight across the cups over the bust line or they could curve downward. Horizontal seams are common in some strapless bras and they create a balanced look to the cup. This type of seam is also famous in the construction of bigger cup sizes. A bra with horizontal seam gives a projected look and adds depth to the appearance of your breasts.

For a 30B cupsize, you will find bras with vertical seam as well as bras with diagonal seams from Liberti World.