34B Padded Bra

34b Padded bra - Put on these Padded Bras and find yourself in whole new world of comfort, security and great shape. 34B ladies, do not dread the padding no more, indulge in our lightly padded bras for all day comfort.  

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1. Can padded bra be worn with T-shirts?

Yes, padded bras will be ideal for T-shirts, as T-shirts are made of very thin material and nipples are prominent in a non-padded or a Seamed Bra. To avoid this malfunction wearing a padded bra underneath your T-shirts will make all the difference. Padding is a extra layer made of foam attached to the cups. However, if you want extra shaping or contouring, it is better to go for a moulded bra.

2. What are the benefits of wearing a padded bra?

There are a number of benefits in wearing a padded bra.

1. Wearing a padded bra can conceal your nipples, this in turn helps you feel secure all day. It is highly recommened to wear a basic coloured padded bra underneath white clothes to avoid any wardobe malfunction.

2. It makes your breasts look firmer; because of its shape, your bosom takes on the shape of a padded bra, the paddped cups nicely hold your breasts. This will surely bring some life and vigour to your breasts, it makes it look much younger and firmer.

3.Depending on the level of padding, some padded bras can make your breasts look fuller, this means bigger, it makes you look a size or two bigger than you originally are.

3. What are the sizes available in padded bras?

At Shyaway, our padded bras follow the normal size chart and they start from size 32B and goes on until 40D.

If you do not size your original size, our Bra Size Calculator will automatically give your sister sizes-which are your nearest and most similar sizes. To understand more about sister sizes, please read our other FAQ’s.

We also have Lightly Padded Bras that are safe for everyday use, they are also made of 100% cotton to ensure your skin gets some air.

4. Can I get padded sports bra in 34B?

Yes! Sports Bras are very important for women who are physically active. A good sports bra restricts the movement of breasts during strenuous physical activities, thereby preventing breast damage and subsequent sagging issues. All our sports bra are in fact padded. Sports bras follow a slightly different size chart, if you are 34B size in regular bras, an ‘S’ (small) sports bra should fit you. Shyaway's sports bras come in a plethora of bright and attractive colours.They are all crafted with removable padding. Each of our sports bras have been carefully crafted using the compression technique or the encapsulation techinue or sometimes both.

5. What is the difference between padded bras and moulded bas?

All padded bras are moulded. These seamfree bras are tailored with pre shaped padding that is placed between the front and back layers of the cups. Padded cups take the shape of the wearer’s breasts. Whereas moulded cups retain their shape even when its not worn, because these cups are made on a metal surface with heat, this gives the cups their own shape. The entire cup in a moulded bra is seamless so no bra lines are shown outside. Some padded bras may have half seams, but moulded bras are always seamless.

6. How to wash a padded bra?

Each product has a unique wash care label based on the material and design. We recommend you to read the wash care label thoroughly on your bra. Although if you want your bra to last longer, it is best handwash it in cold water. Do not wring them , as this will rupture the padding. If you have any more queries, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you get the best shopping experience.