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36B laavian bra - Give your busts the much-needed love and care with a 36b Laavian bra from shyaway.com. Online shopping has paved way for buying everything from the best Nursing Bra to a vital Strapless Bra from this label.

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As the tagline of this exemplary brand reads, the bras under the label Laavian have been making women feel good inside, without doubt. With majority of its bras making use of cotton in their crafting, these intimates are soft and apt for everyday utility. Talking about Laavian’s 36b bras, comfort and serenity are the key factors that make them supremely distinct. With properly proportioned B cups and skin-friendly under under bands being sewn to perfection, these bras have gained immense popularity on the Online Lingerie Shopping platform. The collection is so huge and vital that this sort includes bras for every reason and every season including those for work, holiday getaways, and special occasions.


Here are some of the vital styles in 36b bra sizing that are a must try, considering Laavian’s charm-filled making.  

CAREFREE CASUALS - Being the most common cup size in India, Laavian has taken great efforts in displaying some of the best Casual Bras in this measurement. Tailored in a striking color palette of bold and bright solids, finding your go-to T Shirt Bra isn’t that big of a task. With finely padded B cups giving the desired support and fullness in terms of look and feel, lightly foamed bras are making it big this season. On the contrary, the unlined 36b bras are the best sleep wear basics for a relaxing and uninterrupted time of repose.

PRINTED FAVES - Every holiday season seeks intimates that are chirpy enough to keep the day fresh and lively. For this very reason, Laavian has sprinkled loads of jaunty prints on its vacation wear bras. From sweet florids to polka dotted bras, these fun-filled pieces of lingerie are tailored with straps slightly broader than the regulars to give great support and bear-up features to the 36b size. You might also be excited to grab the magically molded ones that look best when teamed with a pair of g-string panties.

ROCKING RACERBACKS - Times have changed and women have begun exploring new styles in the way bras are worn. A regular bra wouldn’t do much justice to backless dresses and racer back patterns. The revealing straps and back hooks aren’t what one expects while flaunting these jaw-dropping outfits. This is when Laavian’s racerback bra comes to the rescue. With a sleek-panelled front clasp, this is a new-age favorite and remains to be a best-seller under the 36b category.

SUPPORTIVE SIDE ENCIRCLES - Apart from manufacturing fancy intimates, this label needs to be greatly appreciated to have brought in its category of highly-functional bras on to shyaway.com. Under this lot, we have the best-in-class side encircle bras that offer efficient coverage and secured closure. 36 B being a moderate cup and band size, you may wonder the need for extra support. It is to be kept in mind that breast shapes vary from person to person and it is a vast subject in itself. Breasts that are side set or in east-west forms definitely need that extra utility to help them secure in place. These extra stitches that run on the side of the cups help prevent side sagging to a great extent.


It always remains a mystery on the inner garment that gels with a white shirt or T-shirt. Thanks to our lingerie brands for putting ample thought in making something as neutral as a nude bra that glues just like second skin. Laavian has made it a point to put this color to significant use in the making of 36b bras. Being subtle and soothing, these intimates disappear under close-fitting and clingy tops. These drool-worthy bras are a must try, aren’t they?