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36D size bra - While the world tells you to get in the groove, we tell you otherwise. Be a little cray-cray and try our bold Push Up bras and Racer-backs.  

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1. What does a cup size signify?

A cup size is denoted by alphabets. To find your cup size, you need two measurements such as the bust size and band size. The subtraction of these two measurements will give you your cup size. The cup size determines your cup volume, how long are your breasts projected out from your band.

2. Is 36D a common bra size?

Yes, in India 36D bra size is quite common. Some people wrongly assume that D cups mean big breasts, but that is not the case. Many women try to fit themselves in a C or CC when they are actually a D. For some reason the D cup intimidates them, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause back pain, neck and breat pain in women.

3. Why does a 36D bra not fit me ?

Read these guidelines to find your perfect fit:

Band - The Bra Band should fit nice and snug around your body. If it rides up or is too tight, then you are wearing the wrong band size. If you notice that the bra band is riding up, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

(1) Your band size is too large. Try to go down a band size.

(2) The straps are too tight. Never wear the straps at their shortest length. Contrary to common belief, tightening bra straps will not help with sag. The majority of support for breasts must come from a well tailored bra band. The straps are only meant to hold the cups in place and adjust the positioning of the cups.

(3) Your bra is too old. Once it has gone through wear and tear, the bands lose their elasticity. This can cause the bra band to ride up.

Gore - With a well-fitting bra, the gore tacks well and doesn't leave a gap. The Bra is too loose if you can easily fit in a finger or two between the gore of the bra and your body. Not all bras tack the same. Underwired Bras in the correct size tack better than minimiser bras. 

Underwire - Although many people believe that underwires are uncomfortable, an underwired bra is an outstanding option, especially for women with larger bust sizes. This is because of the support and contouring benefits. The underwire of a bra must rest directly under your breast tissue and never over it. The entire breasts must fit into the cups. If it is not, you should consider measuring yourself again and buying a different size.

Cups - The fit of the cups is crucial to the overall look of the bra. Make sure that the entire volume of your breasts is held inside the cups. Ideally there must be no spilling or gaping over the cups.This applies for any kind of bra - Padded or non-padded. Apart from these above points, find out what breast shape you are and see what type or style of bra will suit you. Some bra cups cannot hold your breasts fully and in position. If your breasts are spilling outside the cups, then go up a cup size or try a different bra style. If there is a gap on top of the cups, try a smaller cup size. 

Straps - Most bras these days come with multiway straps. Multiway straps are detachable straps that can be fitted to be worn criss-cross, classic style, one shoulder or even strapless. You could also convert your regular straps to racerbacks instantly. Just buy our bra clips and transform into a stylish diva.The common problems with regard to straps is that they are either too tight or keep slipping off your shoulders.For straps that are too tight, you could loosen them. If that doesn't work, check if you are wearing the correct band size. Alternately try shoulder cushions or strap holding pads.If the straps are falling off, try tightening them or opt for racerback or T-back style.