38B Size Bra

38b size bra - Brand Susie has 38 B size bras to be worn as a Dailywear or for special occasions. The right size bra from our site shyaway will make you look slimmer and younger.

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If you are wearing an ill-fitting Bra for a longer time, it’s the time to change now. The band of the everyday bra you wear should provide 90% of the support of the bra. The band should fit snugly around your torso and you should be able to keep two fingers between a band and your skin. The band shouldn’t move towards up to your shoulder. Straps of the innerwear provide 20% of the bra support and the primary function is to level the bra. They should hold the innerwear in place without moving to your shoulders. Whether you are wearing a Full Coverage Bra of 38 B or a demi cup style the breasts should fit inside the cup. Your boobs shouldn’t spill over the cups or from the side. If you find wrinkles in the cup, it means you need to wear a small cup size.

Bra types available of 38 B from our website shyaway

  1. Printed Bra – Fashion keeps on changing and the trend of wearing bold bright colored prints are back. Just have a look at our website and you will find an array of the printed bra of soft cotton fabric. Enjoy wearing the printed innerwear of size 38 B this summer by shopping from our site shyaway.
  2. T-shirt Bra – If looking to wear t-shirt bra of popping colors, browse through our website and click on size 38 B, you can have a look of the collection of T Shirt Bra at our site. They remain smooth to your skin without creating any bulges. They include back open design as front open one with and without padding. If looking for something peppier, go for polka dots or geometric prints. Fall in love with racer back designs from shyaway.
  3. Susie Cotton Bra – Susie brand cotton bra is made of soft cotton fabric to solve your summer woes. They are every day bras crafted for comfort. Our collection guarantees soft touch and ample support. Fulfill your need under the sun by shopping cotton bra from shyaway. The brand offers perfect coverage under all type of outfits.
  4. Lightly Padded Bra – If looking to wear padded bras lightly or heavily crafted one, visit our website shyaway.com and search for 38 B size, you will surely get smooth finish padded bras to wear under your tees. We have multiple colors and crafted in different fabrics like cotton, lace and blend of spandex. Whether you need nipple coverage or fine shaping, shop padded bra from shyaway.

Three Important fit guide you must follow when shopping bra online

There are three things you should keep in mind when it comes fitting of the innerwear you shop online.

  • The band should fit flat against your chest wall and should stay between your breasts. If the gore is not lying flat against your chest, then it means you are wearing the wrong size bra. You may try a smaller band with a larger cup size to get a flat fit of the band against your chest.
  • When it comes to an Underwire Bra, it should completely surround your breasts and if the underwire sits lower than your breasts the band size remains too small. If the underwire lies against the breasts that means the cups are too small. You should adjust your band size and cup size to keep the underwire in the proper position.
  • The band should lie flat against your back in a straight way below your shoulder. If the band cuts your skin, it is probably too small. If you are going down a band size, then you need to go up with a cup size.