Polyamide Babydoll Sleepwear

Feel the drift in air with our lace babydoll collective slides kissing your skin, doze in style, with the wide collection from shyaway babydoll sleepwear. For comfy means to remain sexy while you slumber.

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  1. Shyle Red Diamond Pattern Babydoll
    Shyle Red Diamond Pattern Babydoll
    ₹749 ₹999 (Save 25%)
  2. Shyle Red Black Fishnet Babydoll
    Shyle Red Black Fishnet Babydoll
    ₹749 ₹999 (Save 25%)
  3. Shyle Pink Black Fishnet Babydoll
    Shyle Pink Black Fishnet Babydoll
    ₹749 ₹999 (Save 25%)
  4. Shyle Sky Blue Triangular Lace Babydoll
    Shyle Sky Blue Triangular Lace Babydoll
    ₹749 ₹999 (Save 25%)

Sleepwears and Polyamides - Best of both worlds 

Who doesn’t love to get into their PJ’s and have the bliss of a nap. Our sleepwear contributes the ample merry of our catnap hours, thus a perfect choice of fabric is all sufficient. For all high fashionista’s babydoll remains the vogue slumber apparel. But it all comes to the underlying fabric that makes the wearer feel cozy and Polyamide is at finesse.

Pros of Polyamide 

Impact Resistance

These fabrics are tear free, If so with applied excess force but aint at ease. It battles wear and tear even after several machine washes, thus being ideal for a sleepwear with repetitive usage.

Slides on your skin

Polyamide is said to have low coefficient of friction, for instant how a ice cube slips over steel. Likewise a polyamide fabric slides on your skin, thus delivering the feather touch experience.

Untouched by damage

The annoying tone of our most preserved clothes tear with physical surface damage is heart aching, Ain’t it? But never with polyamides. They stand a chance in the test with time and friction.

Detergent Resistant

Feel pity for those fabric that goes into laundry and comes out dried and disguised as another. But this ain’t the case with polyamides, they dry unscathed even after several detergent washes. Our sleepwears being the most exploited fabric, except for polyamide any other fabric would fail at wash resistance.

 There is no flounder situation with choosing polyamides incorporated in your babydolls, and Shyaway has the collection of lace babydolls with much a anticipated quality.