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Backless bra - Are you looking for perfect backless Bra on every occasion? Shop Women's backless bras for sexy backless dresses with comfort style.

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Feel persuaded wearing a halter dress, backless blouse, backless gown, or low-back dress when you have a creative undergarment to cover your cleavage and show your backs in a stunning mode. Shyaway.com is one of the best-known Indian online lingerie sites for women providing the best collections of Bra and panty at an affordable range. You will also find a vivid variety of nightwears, babydolls, and shapewear to enchant your stance. This store brings you with the stylish chic collections of backless and strapless type bra giving you a lively charm with no bra seen. A backless bra is a type of regular bra which is creatively moulded with transparent backs and invisible bra straps giving a classy outlook.

Some woman loves to flaunt their curvy silhouette and flawless back in low back tops or dresses for a hot sizzling glance. There are many types of backless bra solving your various problems like peeping out bra straps, visible back bra band, uncomfortable bra, etc. Stylings and patterns in a backless bra give insatiable fashionista for the spectators.


Expanding the trend of lingerie is now furnished astonishingly. You may feel much happier when the backless type of bra comes to your regular using T-shirt bra in an enticing glimpse. A normal looking bra with adjustable straps and instead of a back band, there is a transparent Bra extender connected to the sidebands giving a flawless look. Susie brand brings you with the enchanting collections of stylish back transparent band bras crafted with fine colorings and subtle prints giving ethereal charm. This bra gives your bust full coverage with no cleavage shown. The cups of the bra are lightly padded providing a soft touch of comfort. This Dailywear bra is trimmed of soft cotton and spandex makes you feel resplendently striking. The straps are soft and stretchy with detachable and adjustable straps that can be worn in a criss-cross manner. The concerned cups are seamed and wire-free holding the bust in an accurate position.


There are yet some women who wish to cover their nipples but refuse to wear a bra. For such souls, shyaway brings the sexy styled Silicone nipple cover bra that is drastically designed covering the nipple vicinity. This bra provides the wearer effortless beauty. You can wear this bra with any of your backless or U-plunged neckline gowns for a flaunting perfection. This nipple covering bra is made of silicone gel that sticks on to your bust. You don’t need to worry about the bra moving off the bust as it sticks firmly on the skin. A daily wear comforter that can be hand washed regularly after use for hygiene purposes. Usually, a petite busted woman uses this type of covering bra.


Petals or otherwise known as pasties is a type of Stick-on bra made of silicone adhesive that covers the nipples. Small chest woman prefers this kind of petal bras because they provide a little amount of support to the breast. It is a lightweight bra that doesn’t need straps for supporting the bust. You can wear this bra that covers your breast under your dress and creates a flattering cleavage. You can find pasties made in the heart and floral shapes in our store that benevolent the striking stance with prettiness.


There is a special type of Bridal bra for the brides that look just like a silicone adhesive bra but are sewn-in lace. When your wedding gown is so low at the front and back that even a convertible bra can’t help, then you just go for a Sewn bra cups that support your bust without ruining the backless effect. The outer cups are clothed with fabric or lace giving a chic glance. It’s a type of Underwired bra that has underwires below the cup supporting the breast and uplifts giving a fine figure. This is best suited for bridal and special occasion wears.