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Do you want to sun tan in style? Check out our sizzling Beachwear Panties in all the exciting styles and colours and what’s cooler than matching them with a Racer-Back Bra and a pretty scarf? 

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Misconceptions, scepticism and sheer scorn is circulated around the some undergarment styles, like a nylon panty. A very unconvential material for a panty indeed, but Shyle’s phlethora of panties will surprise you and change your perception. Down below are some of the different styles we have that are ideal for the beach or a pool. It will help understand their significance is and why you definitely need a couple of them in your closet.

BIKINIS: The ideal panty that reveals a portion of your sexy curves. There are crafted with lace on the wings, or the crotch or at the rear for sex appeal. Lace is nothing to be afraid of of wearing as a panty, because it is breathable since it has holes. The Bikini Panty gives a medium coverage at the rear and medium coverage on the hips; they also accentuate your curves. Pair it with a chic T-Shirt Bra to complete the look.

HIPSTERS: Hipsters are undoubtedly a girl’s best friend, an everyday choice of essential. They cover the hips fully and give a medium to full coverage at the back. It comes in modish prints and is fun even though the style is quite conservative. The lace hipster panty can be worn with a pretty bralette, to create a stunning pool party look.

THONGS: For the bold and beautiful, Thongs have no coverage at the back and your bum will be bare basking in the sun. Shyaway offers a whole wide range of thongs in both cotton and nylon, both amazing for different reasons.

Wearing a nylon/polyamide thong aids in your leg movement, as they do not have extended leg openings. If you are a water baby, you will love this. Experience the joy and freedom of our thongs, also you will never really feel the wedgie. ( this may sound contrary to what a thong actually does, but the fabric is such and one has to wear it to feel it (or not) ).


A common question that comes to the mind when people see panties made of nylon or polyamide. We understand; panties are supposed to be comfortable and breathable. But Panties in other materaial are not absolutely purposeless. Listed down below are some of the most amazing pros of these panties.

1. Cotton absorbs moisture very well, this makes the cloth heavy to wear and difficult for you to move around in. But a polyamide panty has a moisture wicking ability, which means it moves the moisture away from the body. This helps you when you’re under water or during a workout. Unlike cotton, it does not absorb all the moisture and make it heavy on your body. You can swim in a polyamide panty all day and feel light as air.

2. It doesn’t lose its shape, infact it actually gives your bum a definite shape, it sits on your skin.

3. It lasts longer than cotton panties, because it is durable and does not tear easily. The fibers in a polyamide fabric is closely packed.