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Big size bra - Flaunt those generous curves with our breathtaking big size bras lined up on Pick up a sexy Lace Bra or a molded Push Up Bra from this range to ooze glam effortlessly.

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There were times when sizing charts weren’t properly structured that led to a lot of misfits when it came to finding bras for full-figured busts. Thanks to the advancements and the forward thinking of the Lingerie manufacturers in delivering big size bras and panties that are not simply larger in dimensions but more appropriate to fit the generous body type. This has led the women of our country to think beyond the concept of standard sizing. It is in fact, a positive approach to ensure bust health since wearing improper sizing for over a long period of time could lead to several problems including sagging, constriction, and rashes. Thinking past the Regular Cotton Bras, makes sure there is ample variety as every gorgeously-sized soul needs some good pampering. For the very same reason, the site has included intimates ranging from 40B bra sizing to 46B cups. Not just this, the Bra Size Calculator available on the site ensures the right fit is delivered to every woman buying big size bras online. With every dreamy size given the utmost significance, let’s take a look at the vital features that makes a plus size bra different from the regulars.


Full-sized cups not only give great coverage but also have a lot of other utilities, especially when it comes to plus size bras. The cups are spaced proportionately that in turn helps in accommodating the heaviness of the larger breasts. Larger busts tend to fall into the trap of spillage even when the right size is worn. This might be partly due to the difference in the body structure and the distinct bra fabrics that are used in the making. Fuller cups are the saviors in this case ensuring a well-secured feel in every intimate ranging from Nursing Bras to finely-molded bras. This being said, it is a completely wrong notion that demi cups aren’t the wisest picks for plus sizes; Shyaway has ruled out this myth with its line-up of demi dearies crafted to perfection in plus sizes.


Though there has always been a difference in opinion on the use of Underwired Bras, there are definite utilities of these semi-circular strips when it comes to plus size bras. This topic will need a brief glance into the different bust shapes that exist. For instance, round busts are fuller at both the top and bottom and have minimum possibilities of loosening up. In contrast, bell-shaped, tear drop and slender busts tend to lose its elasticity over a period on the use of bras that lack support. Though the well-foamed cups in padded bras offer the much-needed support to hold the breasts in place, underwires play a key role in sexy intimates like a push-up bra to provide an efficient lift. In spite of the various advantages of wirefree bras, the ones with stable wires make it a point to get a red carpet entry into the big size closet.


As said ealier, gone are the days when only the basic shades such as blacks and nudes made it to the end while manufacturing plus size lingerie. The present-day’s brands such as Vanity Fair and Shyle have made it a point to include bras that are desirable and drool-worthy in every way. Animal printed bras are making it bigger than ever and its exclusivity in big sizes is something to be cherished by every gorgeously curvy woman out there. The scalloped edges and well-structured under bands are some of the highlights of these big size beauties.