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The bikini is no longer a thing of luxury, celebrity or unreachability. Many powerful women have broken the norms and ‘beauty’ standards that only size zero can wear them. Besides that, here’s an interseting fact, the bikini was invented by Louis Réard yet another man who was an engineer! Since their introduction , bikinis have been synonymous with glamour.A bikini is a two-piece swim suit. The top covers your breast and the bottom conceals your derrière. Bikini tops are designed to have halter necks and they come with front open clasps or tie-up strings. However, a bikini bottom later became a separate Type of Panty by itself like the briefs and hipsters. Their bottoms are of multiple sub-types like mid-rise, low-rise or high-rise and medium to no coverage. The most significant feature of the bikini bottom is that they do not cover the sides of the hip fully, they only have a thin strip of cloth there.Today the typical and considered to be the original bikini bottom are the G-strings and  Thongs.


Lace was invented sometime around the 16th century, way back before the bikini came into the market. But today designers use lace extensively in bikinis. It is known for its  ability to blend with a range of clothing, prints and designs. Lace can also be made from both organic and inorganic materials which is another why they are widely used today. Shyle’s sui generis bikinis have also used lace to make it extra special for you. It gives you all the right feels and is ideal for special occasions or events. Since the invention of the bikini was directed towards swimmers, it is more like a swinsuit and this is why it generally is not made of cotton because cotton soaks up all the water and the wearer feels heavy which in turn makes it very difficult to swim. This is why the bikinis are usually made in nylon or other synthetic fibers but nowadays it has evolved and people wear it as a regular underwear so there is also a line of soft and comfy cotton bikinis just for you from Shyle,


1. Its funny how when it first came out, the whole female fraternity was appalled by its exposing feature and just a year or two later the bikini turned out to be ‘casual’. As a matter of fact, people who didn’t wear bikinis were looked down upon.

2. While the Bra is constructed with features such as underwires, padding and push up, the bikini top doesn’t usually have these. It has a pretty straightforward design and it’s purpose is only to cover your breasts and not to enhance its features.

3. Bikinis were soon after its invention,introduced as swimsuits for female swimmers participating in Olymics in 1913, since they did not have any suitable outfit.

4. Models were too ashamed and uncomfortable to pose in them so Louis Réard had to call strip club dancers for their advertisments in the year 1947.

5. Wonder where the bombshell got her name? It is named after nuclear tests done at place called Bikini atoll. Who had thought that an imperial sexy and extremely popular swimsuit would get its name from an atomic testing place?

Although it is an extensively accepted type of clothing and a full-grown market in the West, we in India are still in doubt about the bikini, ofcourse this has a lot to do with our culture but we shouldn’t drop jaws at the sight of the wearer! Lets together elevate our minds and normalize the bikini and its usage.

We hope these amazing facts inspire you today to try out the fabulous collection of bikinis.