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Bikini panty/panties - Make your every moment special with this bikini panty from shyaway. Explore the women's favourite from hipster panty to sexy bikini panty with different colous and styles

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  1. Taabu Ballet Pink Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
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  2. Shyle Wild Orchid Side Lace Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  3. Shyle Cabernet Red Full Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  4. Shyle Ballet Pink Full Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  5. Susie Sodalite Blue Medium Coverage Solid Bikini Panty
    4 (2)
    buy 5 for 599
  6. Shyle Light Olive Front Full Lace With Crisscross Tape Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  7. Shyle White Medium Coverage Low Waist Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  8. Shyle Ocean Blue Medium Coverage Low Waist Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  9. Taabu Salmon Peach Low Waist Striped Bikini Panty
    5 (2)
    buy 5 for 599
  10. Shyle Ocean Blue Side Lace Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  11. Shyle Ballet Slipper Pink Medium Coverage Low Waist Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  12. Susie Lavender Purple Medium Coverage Solid Bikiini Panty
    buy 5 for 599
  13. Shyle Mauveglow Front Full Lace With Crisscross Tape Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  14. Shyle Botanical Green Full Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  15. Shyle Black Beauty Centre Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  16. Shyle Bay Green Full Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    buy 3 for 599
  17. Shyle Purple Potion Lace With Centre Keyhole Bikini Panty
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  18. Shyle White Full Coverage Printed Bikini Panty
    4 (1)
    buy 3 for 599
  19. Shyle Deep Purple Side Lace Bikini Panty
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  20. Shyle Fragrant Lilac Lace Centre Lace Low Waist Bikini Panty
    5 (1)
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Bikini Panty for Women

Bikini panties are one of the most famous types of lingerie for women. A bikini panty is a type of underwear that has high side cuts, sitting just below the hips. Bikini panty for ladies offer great style and are a beloved product by women of all age groups - from comfort to support, these bikini panties provide it all!

From comfy hipsters to hot bikini set, panties are available in a myriad of styles with countless pros and features for women wearing them. Women bikini panties sit right below the hip and have less fabric on the sides when compared to hipster panties - meaning a bikini panty can offer additional cleavage to show off the cheeky look. The wide-cut fabric is also why bikini panties have higher leg openings.

Bikini panty for girls come in various styles and designs, making the person fall in love with these utterly comfortable and stylish panties. From comfy to sexy bikini panty, find your right type of bikini panty only at Shyaway - from stunning designs to great deals, Shyaway has it all!


A perfect fit in a panty is not only a concern for every woman; staying comfortable all day long also matters.There are different types of panties available in the market. But bikini panties triumphed over other styles with their comfy design, ample coverage, and smooth texture. In colossal of colors, pretty prints and veil of laces, our bikini panty collections ensure your lingerie drawer is always best. Shyaway bikini panties online collections bring out the best in your figure. It is not just beautiful but also luxuriously soft and comfortable. When it comes to comfort and styles, our collections of best bikini panties can’t be beaten! Just make a lasting statement that can only have you and your glamour shining through. Experience the ultimate in romance with delicate and curve-hugging bikini panties from Shyaway .com.


A perfect lingerie gives a woman self-confidence and empowerment on the inside as well as the outside view. Wearing a set of new lingerie will not only enhance your self-confidence but also will infuse a romantic touch to your special evening. There are enormous collections of sexy bikini panties that are specially crafted with elegant touch of lace or with scalloped lace detail along the edge, everyday wear bikini panties are crafted with cotton and spandex or elastane mix fabric with wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. Super soft adjustable elastic feature no-roll waistband, rest comfortably on the hip and leave no marks on the skin. You'll surely love the ultra-soft fabric of these comfortable bikini panties that are designed for a sleek fit that will stay hidden under your clothes all day long. Its blissful fabrics will wrap you in amazing comfort and gives you a touch of preppy style to enhance your chic look.

Bringing in the fashion of transparent bikini panty is for special moments. They have soft elastane Waistband and leg opening for a snug fit and are crafted in polyamide for a smooth finish. It comes in high waist, low waist, and mid-waist models. Mid waist bikini panty comes in medium coverage. These panties are extremely comfortable to wear with some having sheer coverage formulas. They are designed for party, holiday and everyday purpose

Types of Bikini Panty

The level on which a bikini panty sits at the waist can be addressed as low-waist or medium-waist bikini panties style. These styles are curated for the comfort and satisfaction of the person wearing it.

Low Waist Bikini Panties

Low waist bikini panties sit low on the waist, right at the hip bone, providing full/medium coverage at the back - the coverage provided by these bikini panties is based on the likes of the person wearing them.

Shyaway brings you a wide range of bikini sets for women curated with a low waist style - from pastel colours to wild prints, choose your favourite low waist bikini panties online at Shyaway.

Medium Waist Bikini Panties

Mid-waist or medium waist bikini panty sits right on the waistline, providing more comfort. Girls bikini panty with medium waist level is one of the most ideal bikini panties worn with complete support.

Sexy Bikini Panties for Women

Bikini panties are considered one of the most appealing types of panties. A bikini panty provides support, and comfort and also shows off the wonderful curves - giving a sexy look. Women sexy bikini panties are one of the most preferred intimate apparel as many women find it uncomfortable to wear a thong. Although thongs are a great type of lingerie, many women turn their attention to sexy bikini panties - these panties provide the required cleavage for women to show off their curves and flaunt their style.

Buy women sexy bikini panties at Shyaway - from ravishing red to sexy animal print, and buy sexy bikini panty sets from a collection of fabulous designs at pocket-friendly prices.

String Bikini Panties

String bikini panties are a common type of bikini panties that have thin string-like fabric that hugs the waist instead of wider bands of cloth. These string bikini panties are also known as beachwear and they do not need to be tied anywhere like bikinis.

Plus Size Bikini Panties

Plus Size Bikini panties are one of the most famous types of plus size panties worn by women. These bikini panty set have slender sides, providing the right amount of coverage. The waistband of the plus size bikini panties is one to three inches below the belly button.

Plus size bikini panties are ideal for daily wear as it offers the comfort required to do daily work effortlessly. Shop at Shyaway for the best collection of plus size panty online and grab your favourite bikini panties under great offers and deals.

Buy Bikini Panty Online in India

Shyaway has a wide range of bikini panty for women, with jaw-dropping designs and stunning offers. From the comfy cotton bikini panties to stunning sexy bikini panties, Shyaway’s can glam you up with its fantastic women bikini panties collection. Experience the ultimate in your daily life and on special occasions with the delicate, curve-hugging bikini panties from Shyaway. What are you waiting for? It’s time to buy bikini panty online in India from Shyaway!


Create a mood of romance and elegance to these fascinating collections to endure your passion. When it comes to bikini panties, shyaway brings you unmatched quality products.  Grab your favorite bikini panty from our best brands Inner Sense, Liberti World and Shyle. Other than bikini panties, we have lace panties, boyshorts and hipster panties that are also widely used by women. Match your panty with a proper bra that lends an uber-feminine look and makes you feel incredibly sexy. Every Woman wishes for a bra panty set with the best quality and Shyaway Online Shopping brings you the wide best collection of lace panties in trendy designs and styles with promising quality. It is one of the best lingerie brands in India that provide the customers with the right product at the right time and place enduring courteous in their heart.