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Hone moon lingerie

A well-planned trousseau takes care of the simplest of the details of a newlywed bride’s looks from head to toe. However, the long list that every bride-to-be prepares, often neglects a crucial part of her everyday must-haves. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, it is the Lingerie fundamentals that a lot of brides tend to ignore quite often.
So, if you too are awaiting your wedding day, make sure you have at least one of each type from this list of lingerie essentials in your bridal trousseau.
 T-shirt bras
Yes, you will totally love all the attention that you will be getting. And, the last thing you would want is everybody’s attention where it is not required. So, for all your outfits that have plain surface and no heavy embellishments on the upper part, a T-shirt bra is what you would need. An excellent choice for both Indian and western outfits, you will need this piece of lingerie, both before and after your wedding quite often. Also perfect for those fitted cocktail dresses, a T-shirt bra is a must-have for you to make a confident, carefree, and graceful appearance. So, if you get stirred by Deepika Padukone, and plan to don a super-stylish saree gown on any of your wedding functions, then do not forget to pick this piece of lingerie for yourself.

T-shirt bra


Date Night Bras
It is all about loving what is beneath! From sexy strapless numbers and demi cups to push up bras, triangle bras and, ‘date night’ bras are an essential contribution to your trousseau. These might not at all be about the wedding, but these bras play an essential role in the dates that you will have after your wedding day, particularly on your honeymoon! From those anarkali with plunging neckline to backless dresses, a ‘date night’ bra goes with all type of outfits. Imagine a stunning outfit you would like to wear on your first date post-Shadhi! And, you will be able to find the right lingerie to enhance your overall look only if you will keep your wardrobe well-stocked with a few date night.

Date Night BRas


No panty line’ briefs
Women tend to ignore the significance of picking up different types of briefs required for different outfits. Well, this is one of the biggest blunders that they make, especially, at such a crucial time of their life. Just like bras, different types of briefs too have some reasons for their survival. So, if you have not yet added a ‘no panty line’ brief to your trousseau, then let us give you the reason to do so. A perfect choice for fitted dresses that could be worn for your engagement or cocktail party, or for any post-wedding outings with your husband, these are a must-buy for a faultless look. So, if you wish to go attractive like Priyanka Chopra on your bachelorette party, then a ’no panty line’ brief is what you need.

No Panty Line Brief

Lace Lingerie
For any bride who wishes to feel beautiful inside-out, lace lingerie sets are not only an perfect choice, but a ‘top of the charts’ option as well. The intricate designs of hand spun lace are plush and extremely beautiful.

Lace Lingerie


Lingerie accessories that make your outfit work
From adhesives, tapes and clips to stockings, these Lingerie accessories play a really important role in the outcome and the final look of your outfit. From desired effect to an necessary requirement, the lingerie accessories keep your outfit in place as and when required. For instance, for garments like a backless choli, low back bra strap adapters or silicone cups would be the required accessory. Beyond supporting your garment, these accessories also make perfect teasing elements with the right balance of naughtiness and beauty.

adhesive bras

An extra bulge is not a pleasing look for a bride. Hence, shapewear forms an vital part of the bridal trousseau right from the beginning of the wedding celebrations. From the tight engagement gown to the basic anarkali suit or anything else, shapewear helps you to hide the extra flab without making much effort. In fact, when it is all about flaunting flat tummy in a dress, why should you look for any other options when you have shapewear to the rescue?

shape wear


Bridal nightwear
Every bride needs a sensuous set of lingerie, which would make her husband feel unique. So, choose anything from the enticing and stunning laced, printed or embellished styles, and make him go crazy for you, yet again. Have a look at our nightwear collections; It is something that will make your man go crazy for you, so you definitely need to do some serious shopping!

night wear


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