What is the difference between Bra Size and Cup Size?


There is a big difference between band size and cup size. Cup size is the size of your breast. It simply shows how big it is. The full size (i.e 34C) is the band size (34), how you measure under your bust, plus the cup size (C) which is the size of your breast.

Band size

Bra size is is often expressed in two measurements expressed together, like 34B or 36C. There are 2 measurements that narrate the bra size; the band size and the cup size.

The band size is a measurement around the rib cage which other ways says that how wide you are. If your band size measures to 30 (since it’s an even number) add 4 your band measurement is 34. Then measure around the entire part of the breasts. It says how big your boobs are. If your cup size measures to 36, then you subtract the band size from the cup size (36-34=2) So, the difference is 2 and you go for B cup. Thus 34B.

1/2 inch  =    AA cup
1 inch      =    A cup
2 inches  =   B cup
3 inches  =   C cup
4 inches  =   D cup

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