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Body shapewear - Are you stopping yourself from wearing that gorgeous gown because of those extra curves? We have got you sorted, try our execellent body shapewear to get a toned and sleek look. Also try our Panties and Hosiery from shyle to look absolutely ravishing.

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More often than not, women tend to shy away from Shapewear. It is certainly true that negative news travels faster, because they buy the misconceptions, they buy the myths which is a burning problem in our society. Empowerment starts with being aware and being aware starts from asking questions which many seem to have denied themselves the right to do. Today we encourage you to read ahead to know the pros and cons of wearing shapewear.

Nobody has a perfect body, and there is nothing such a perfect body anyway. Please do not put the celebrity standards of beauty on you, because it is a whole different lifestyle and a reality only for them but the good news is that you have your own reality which you can control, which means you can change the way you look at yourself and work towards a more realistic ambition.

You may ask, why wear a shapewear then ?

Well, because if a flatter tummy and a pair of slimmer thighs will boost your confidence why not? That’s what a shapewear does, it conceals your flabs completely and hides it. Maybe you work for nine hours a day or more whether in an office or at home and you do not have the time, energy or the resources to get into shape. That does not make you unhealthy unless you feel fatigue all the time. Being fit and being healthy are two different things.


Some of our Lingerie items come with certain limitations which have to be acknowledged and addressed. Like you cannot put a silk robe into the washing machine or throw a Padded Bra in the machine, shapewear also has its limitations. Reading these pros and cons will guide you into buying the right ones for your body or even whether you need one or not.


  • Gives you a great confidence
  • Allows you to fit into clothes better
  • Smoothens your body
  • Provides great back-support
  • Improves your posture


We request you to kindly read these cons for your health and safety. There are many medical reports suggesting that the shapewear negatively affects your body and organs. This is just a disclaimer and not a threat.

When the shapewear compress your stomach what happens internally is that the acid in your tummy move to the esophagus and cause a heartburn. This can happen when you wear it at a stretch for more than six hours. When you feel any discomfort or difficulty in breathing it is probably a good idea to take it off.

It also puts additional pressure on your abdomen which in turn lowers your bladder causing it to go lower than it is into the abdomen.

Do not wear it daily.


This is a very important point to consider. Shapewear restricts your movement a little, it is tight and it does its amazing job of making you look toned. But not everyone needs it. It is only for people who have loose fat in their thighs or hips, or a flabby stomach. This fat needs to turn into muscle for it look toned which is quite time consuming. The shapewear is an easy alternative to tuck your tummy, correct your curves and pull the fat into the fabric.

It is designed in such a way that when its worn it “nips” and “tucks” your body.

Shapewear brand Va Bien's co-founder and fit expert Marianne Gimble says, "it makes us skinny by sewing or knitting together elastic or rigid fabrics that are cut into such a pattern that when worn, the finished garment nips and tucks the body."

Skinny ladies or moderately toned ladies who do not have fat that falls or hangs or even the ones with a flat belly do not need the shapewear. Wearing one will not make a difference.