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Check out our stylish collection of boyshorts for women. Get comfort and elegance by adding a boyshort panty to your lingerie collection. Our boyshort panties are meant to give you complete coverage. while at the same time making sure that they enhance your natural curves. The boyshorts panty is for those who need everyday wear or something unique for those special occasions. This assortment of boyshorts is just right for you. You can pair your stylish boyshorts with a matching bralette or camisole for an organized look. Our collection of sexy boyshorts includes a few styles that will definitely add a little bit of glam to your lingerie game: With the wide range of styles, colors, and fabric options available in all sizes, make sure to find the perfect pair of boyshorts. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on your purchase of boyshort panties!

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Buy Boyshorts for Women & Girls

Boy shorts are undergarments for women that sit below the waist and stretch to the tops of the legs, similar to men's boxer shorts. Boy shorts provide complete rear coverage and no visible panty lines. The boy short panties are highly comfortable and breathable to sleep in and lounge around in without any chaffing.

Hipsters and boyshorts panties are similar, but the only main difference is that boy shorts panties have a more boyish look, while hipsters feature pretty laces. Additionally, boy shorts underwear has thicker seams compared to hipsters. Boyshort panties can be worn under skirts or trousers. They are soft, stretchy, breathable, and stylish, making them convenient for wearing on the beach without any issues. Browse boy shorts for ladies and boy shorts panties online to learn more about them.

Though "boyshorts" may have "boy" in the name, they are completely dedicated to women. Besides providing coverage, these panties complement your shape by lightly hugging your waist. Plus, these boyshorts will neither create bulges nor roll down. While boyshorts are available in many places, you deserve the right and perfect one, don’t you? That's why we've made your job quite easy. Explore Shyaway products online and experience the best support.

How to Select Boyshorts

When purchasing panties, always consider the fabric, especially since they come into direct contact with your intimate region. Opt for skin-friendly materials. Boyshorts are available in various fabrics, but cotton tends to be the most comfortable choice. Additionally, pay attention to the length of the panty style to ensure it complements your outfit. Above all, be sure to know your panty size, as randomly choosing a size often results in a poor fit.

Boyshorts panties – A huge hit in the market 

You might wonder why a woman would wear boy short panties. What is so great about them? But opposite to normal thinking, many women love boy shorts because they are non-complicated and simple lingerie to which anybody can relate to it. It’s plain, nothing fussy about it or nothing complicated. Everything is quite simple and straight-forward and that’s the reason it’s become a favorite among many women. Every fashion guru brings out a product with some ideas in mind and this product is a huge hit among women. Just buy these boy shorts panties with your lingerie set on and see how it suits you and you can also save money!

Advantages of Boyshorts for Women 

Full coverage: One of the noticeable advantages of boyshorts is their full coverage. Unlike other styles, boyshorts provide optimum coverage, concealing from the waist to the thigh. They are an excellent option for those who dislike bikinis or cheeky panties

No VPL: Visible panty lines are a common annoyance for people who wear form-fitting clothes. However, thigh-length boyshorts are designed to smooth out lines and remain invisible under any outfit.

Smooth Shape: Made of soft and stretchable fabric, boyshorts elegantly hug the waist and offer a snug fit. Additionally, they provide support and a gentle lift, helping you achieve a perfect shape.

Breathable: Low-quality panties can lead to skin irritation and yeast infections. Shyaway boyshorts are crafted from superior quality fabrics that are cool and breathable on your skin.

Styles of Boy Short Panties for Women

Casual Boy Shorts are ideal for everyday wear because they are trendy and comfortable to wear as sleepwear or loungewear. These women's boy shorts come in different prints and patterns to suit your mood.

Printed Boy Shorts are brightly colored with pretty patterns that refresh your day. Boy shorts are available in different prints, such as stripes, florals, paisley, and geometric shapes.

Types of Boy Shorts Panties for Women Based on Coverage:

Full Coverage Boy Shorts provide additional coverage to keep extra protected without any chafe. Boy shorts underwear can be worn as underwear and even as outfits, comfortable for walking, running, cycling, and jogging.

Medium Coverage Boy Shorts are ideal for those who want to feel sexy and comfortable. Medium coverage boy shorts enhance your butt instantly. Women boy shorts can be worn under skirts and trousers.

Types of Boy Shorts for Women Based on Fabric

Cotton Spandex is eco-friendly, consisting of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is soft, stretchy, breathable, and durable. Cotton drains moisture, protects women from infections, prevents odor, allergies, itching, and other discomforts.

Types of Boy Shorts for Ladies Based on Waist Level

Medium waist boy shorts for ladies are designed to hide pot bellies of women and allow them to embrace their curves to perfection.

When to Wear Boyshorts

Due to their admirable features, people prefer to wear boyshorts for physical activities and lounging. As mentioned before, boyshorts hide panty lines, making them the best option for everyday wear. They match well with any bottoms or outfits. However, it's a matter of personal preference, so you can wear them anytime you desire.

Why Shyaway?

Our Shyaway products are solely dedicated to women. For us, lingerie pieces are not just garments that conceal your private parts; they are intimate partners that invisibly support and enhance your confidence. Similar to our other collections, these undergarments ensure maximum support and comfort. Also, they are suitable panties for any style of outfit.

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