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Maintaining the quality of Bra and Panty sets while washing them is secured by bra bags from our shyaway store. It’s not a matter that you have a Padded Bra or an Underwired Bra; this laundry tool will save all your expenses. 

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  1. Shyle Pink Yellow Leaf Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  2. Shyle Candy Pink Polka Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  3. Shyle Delicate Blue Ditsy Floral Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  4. Shyle Black Beauty Polka Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  5. Shyle Magenta Heart Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  6. Shyle Pink Black Floral Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  7. Shyle White Black Tiny Polka Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  8. Shyle Brown Pink Polka Dot EVA Travel Bra Bag With Ruffle Organza Ribbon At Front
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  9. Shyle Light Green Laisy Daisy Flower Print  EVA Travel Bra Bag
  10. Shyle Black White Ikat Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
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  11. Shyle Blue Pink Flower Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
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  12. Shyle Black White Stripe EVA Travel Bra Bag With Bow At Front
  13. Shyle Pink Polka Printed Bra Bag
  14. Shyle Red with White Lace Travel Case Bra Bag
  15. Shyle Green Pink Polka Dot Print EVA Travel Bra Bag With Ruffle Organza Ribbon At Front
  16. Shyle Yellow Blue Heart Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  17. Shyle Brown Black Cheetah Print EVA Travel Bra Bag With Ruffle Organza Ribbon At Front
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  18. Shyle Orange Navy Blue Tribal Print EVA Travel Bra Bag
  19. Shyle Pink White Tiny Flower EVA Travel Bra Bag
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  20. Shyle Red EVA Travel Bra Bag Lace Adorned At Front
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Seeking the best-in look is a better choice. Maintaining the best-in look is a better indeed. Woman loves shopping vibrant shaded Bra and Panty to gleam themselves in beauty and shape. We just fill our wardrobe with many lingerie stylings to fulfill our desires. But wearing about a few months, the bra gets damaged and we are forced to alternate it. Why is the Bra getting damaged too fast? Have you ever thought of it anytime? It’s just a simple matter we have missed off from our sight. Yes! The maintaining sides of the lingerie, we all know how to wear a brassiere and how to style them up with your outfits. But we never think of, how to manage it without getting those fabrics stretched and torn and dented. I think spending a little time to save your expensive ones with a bra bag is indeed a wise choice.

Woman of today, hurry themselves running after job and family leaving their health under average condition. Being a short period came the era of washing machines helping womanhood in saving time and health. Women just put their delicate lingerie along with their other dresses and squash them to crash. To avoid those struggles, shyaway has bought you the fine mesh layered bra bag that helps woman in saving their money from buying another set of brassiere in replacement. This laundry bag maintains the shape and hooks of the bra from getting hooked up with other attires. Washing in cold water on gentle cycle with bras on mesh bag will give extra life to your lingerie sets.


Bra bag is an inexpensive and helpful laundry tool for ladies. There are few reasons why every woman must have this bag in their laundry room.

  • You may keep away from bra bands getting twisted along with your stockings and other clothings.
  • The main use of this bra bag is that, you can avoid hand washes. Daily washing your bras and panties in cold water might be irritating. Using this tool, you can zip them in and put them along with your other Hosiery in the machine.
  • When straps get wrapped along with other garment, woman impatiently pulls out the bra. This leads to stretched straps and bands. Using this laundry tool, you may evade them.
  • Using this mesh bag, your bra hooks won’t get clinked to your favourite lace dresses and plunders the beauty of it.
  • You can accumulate the lingerie from getting stretched off.
  • While putting Push Up Bras in machine, we used to get shocked as the underwirings and paddings get damaged soon. But using a bra bag, you can put two or three sets in them and wash it together, maintain and shape and shade of it.
  • It’s not that only lingerie should be washed in this laundry bag, you may also use, baby clothes and shoes to wash without harming its quality.
  • After putting your tiny cloths inside machine, some of them lose their pairings. But using this tool, you don’t have to worry about the duos being missed.


Ladies! If you love lingerie, all the more reason, you have to look after it. You might have come across the advantageous of using a bra bag. Now knowing the method to wash them is also crucial. After zipping them inside the laundry bag, use mild detergent or liquid washer to wash your lingerie. The bags from our shyaway site have a plastic coater in both top and bottom side supporting your delicate and Underwired Bras. After washing, dry them under shade, placing the bridge area in the rope avoiding stretching straps and band. For the best collections, explore more on our site and enjoy the deals exclusively!