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Bra bag accessories - The Bra storage box is great for travel. They keep your Push Up Bra and underwire bra in shape and good condition. Bra bag from shyaway comes in beautiful feminine color and shades. 

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Bra bag – A crushproof travel storage box

The box is designed to keep delicate bras without being getting crushed. The bra bag is easy to use and you may easily carry them in your travel bag. They come in different designs and colors making them look very attractive. At our shopping site shyaway we have added few pieces of bra bag into the existing collection, you must scroll on. They are of beautiful colors with lacework done over it and no doubt you will love them. If your wardrobe is filled with delicate pieces of a Padded Bra, you must buy these bra bags online from our store to store the lingerie in a proper way. The fashionably designed box is a perfect decoration for your home. Keep all your lingerie well organized in your travel bag.

Bra bag designs we have at shyaway online

Floral printed – There are lovely floral printed bags available at our site shyaway like red, green, and yellow you shouldn’t miss out. The prints will make you feel blush and bloom. You may store your Printed Bras in them.

Lace embellished – Lace embellished bra bag available at our site shyaway looks luxurious. You can store your lace bra in them. We have a huge collection of push up bra with lace decorated on them and you can also keep these lingerie pieces safe in this bag.

Tribal print – Tribal prints are the latest designs found in lingerie and we have a good collection of tribal printed bras at our shopping store.

Polka dotted – the polka dotted bra bag looks pretty and you may place your polka dotted bra into them. The elegantly designed product looks very attractive and they come with a handle for easy carrying. Have at least one piece of a bag from our site shyaway to keep your bras safe.

Packing your molded bras in the case

The hard case is a specialized travel bag which is used to be rigid from inside. The box span the length of your bra cups when they lie flat and the width of the container match with the height of the cup. You will find several cases in the market but the best one is the one with bra shaped, hardcover, designed to keep the bras flat instead of a folded shape. You may stack the Lightly Padded Bras on top of one another. The cups of the bra should fit over the cups of another one beneath it. You may tuck the straps to prevent the hooks from snagging on other bras. Make sure you don’t overstuff the bar bag. You can search through our site shyaway and make a purchase of bra bag online to place your Lingerie in order.