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30C Bra - Looking to buy a petite friendly Bra, browse through our website Shyaway and have a look at what all types we have to offer you. Buy 30 C bra style and matching Panty from online. 

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Re-measure yourself to know the right bra size

Many women these days are wearing too big of band size and too small of cup size. There are few girls who prefer wearing too large of cup size. It is very important to re-measure yourself to know the perfect Lingerie size at least once in a year. If you lose or gain weight, it will affect your bra size. When planning to shop petite lingerie sets, you may prefer shopping online. 30 C bras are available in different types and styles online. Just have a look at our website Shyaway and you will find 30 C bra sizes very easily. If you wear the wrong size bra, the band will go up and the strap will hang off your shoulder forcing you to adjust them at every time at public or work. We different brands in the different size and our products are of good quality fabrics. They remain soft to your skin keeping you cool throughout the day.

Go for sister sizing bra to get the perfect fit

You might be thinking what does sister sizing means? The concept sister sizing in Cotton Bra is quite simple. It is the sizing concept used to adjust with your bra size. You may try for different types of bras and pick the comfortable one. The name sister sizing has been introduced by lingerie industry to pick up similar bra size with different bra band. When you calculate your sister size it would result changing the band size which would affect the cup size also. You may adjust the cup size to get the fit you are looking for. For example, if you are trying on a bra size 30 C and if you are not getting the right fit with the band, you may go for 32 band sizes. If the band is ok for you with the seamless bra and if the cup is tight then you may go for 30 Band and cup size D. Don’t worry, if you are getting a perfect fitting bra at our website Shyaway, you may go for the next size and make a purchase easily.

Sister sizing rules are quite tricky – Be aware of it

Do you know the cup size is relative to the band size? It means the C cup volume of a non padded bra will not remain the same volume across different Bra Bands. Women wearing 30 C will be having small busts when compared to a woman wearing 38 C. this means the cup volume gets adjusted with band size. If you are not able to find out a proper fitting in 30C bra at our site shyaway you may try out 32 C. A 32 C bra will have one cup size bigger than a 30 C. If you find the cup size a little smaller you may try 30 D. So it is possible to adjust the cup size and band size if you are not able to find a perfect fitting bra in a particular type or style.

What our online site shyaway have to offer you in 30 C

We have Sonari brand bra available at our site shyaway for you to make a purchase online. The brand is quite popular among Indian users. The fabric remains cool and soft for summer. They have different colors in Dailywear Bra. We are offering nude colored bras trimmed with lace. Have a look at our website and buy the everyday bra on offers. The lingerie is available at a reasonable price, so try out the brand effortlessly from our online store shyaway.