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Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Femininity is attaining in full form by wearing the perfect Lingerie Set for a dazzling glance. Getting ideal lingerie is the target for every woman to revamp her wardrobe. Every woman is crucial in selecting the best for her body regarding style and comfort. So, Shyaway.com helps you get the right bra online decorated with perfect perennial prints in graphics and digital designs at affordable prices. Check in with the new collections of 32B sized Lightly Padded Bra that is designed giving ideal comfort. We always offer you with the high-quality products from the best bra brands.


Lingerie is one of the most significant pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath your favourite tops, gowns or party wears. Women sized in 32B are slim and trim with a small bust. The young souls roll for their first bra and come across the Beginner Bra in their teenage life. Days go by, the body level changes. According to your body change, it’s a must to have a proper fit or bra that makes you comfortable in all ways. When your body and ribs wide up, you need an ideal bra to give them support and lift. When you provide good care to your bust, you can avoid bust sagginess. So, Shyaway gets you with a soft petal touch of lightly padded cups to give comfy in many ways. Every stage of dressing mode need the different type of bra to wear, and you can get all varieties of bra in just one online store. While going to school or college or office you can go with a T-shirt Bra for a stunning look. These demi and full coverage bras have adjustable straps and back adjustable straps giving your breasts good support and avoid the bouncing. This casual bra is styled in perennial prints, racerback and attractive laceworks.


Lingerie is the utmost expression of a women’s femininity. Some young women’s look for designer’s bra that is crafted with the finest fabrics like cotton and spandex giving them comfort with stylish lace and mesh linings to attract their colleague with a graceful elegance. Every day is a glamour day with your best lingerie wear. Suit yourself with the best Everyday Bra from Susie brand. This 32B size bra is available in beautiful shades and designs that give you all day comfort. Make your day fresh and awaking with this pure soft cotton bra for an alluring excitement. These bras are best suited for your daily, holiday and party wears. It supports your busts and keeps your body looking spruce and sleek. It is a must for every woman to wear a bra every day. These bra cups are lightly padded giving your bust soft touch of care and tenderness. We even provide you with trendy Loungewear Nightwear for a comfy home fit.


Add a touch of preppy romance to your stylish Bridal Bra collections for a sizzling glimpse. This bra is fabricated with subtle textures of mesh and spandex leaving you in a state of blissfulness as the bra wraps you in amazing comfort and fill you with confidence every day. Susei brand brings you the exotic collections of Lace Bra with attractive designs and prints. The padding of the bra differs according to the comfort and support needed for the customer. These 32B sized lightly padded bra cups are specially designed for a perfect upliftment to your bust. These bras suit you for all occasions and are sure to balance and liven-up your collection of lingerie.


Shyaway is one of the best online lingerie stores in India for women’s inner beauty. A perfect Lingerie Set gives a woman self-confidence and empowerment on the inside as well as the outside view. Create a mood of romance and elegance to these fascinating collections to endure your passion. Shyaway Online Shopping brings you the comprehensive best collection of Bra and Panty Set in trendy designs and styles with promising quality.