32B Padded Bra

Throw confidence like confetti in our Padded Bras, they come in the most exotic hues and modern prints. Shop the umpteen styles of Everyday Bras for all day comfort.

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No quantum of fast fashion can beat the classics, likewise nothing comes close to the comfort and chic that our regular Cotton Bras provide. Women have a lot to deal with in a day and bras shouldn’t be one of them. Walk in absolute confidence and superior comfort in our everyday bras that are crafted with love. For small busted women the 32B padded bra is the ideal option for dailywear. Shyle’s soft cotton padded bras are thoughtfully crafted for regular usage.

What are the pads made of?

The pads are usually made of foam and silicone. Although silicone lasts longer than foam. There are also different levels of padding used in Push Up Bras. The levels are 1,2 and 3, each level yeilding a different kind of lift and contouring to your breasts. The padding in pushup bras are to increase the breasts to one or more sizes, However, the there are regular padded bras that do not modify the size of the breasts but simply shape and conceal it.

Angular Padding : This is a padding method used in pushup bras for contouring affect. There is a thicker padding at the bottom and thinner at the top which makes it angled to contour the breasts. When the pads are stitched at a particular angle, it gives an extreme contouring to the otherwise simple and slimmer breasts. This pushes the breasts up dramatically making them appear up to two cup sizes bigger. These deepen the cleavage making the bust look curvier and sexier.

Removable Padding : Bras that can be customised are certianly unmatchable. Humans always like things that come with no limitations. Sometimes we want the padding and other times we don’t, it is   great to have things our way and our removable padded bras enable you to do just that. Shyle’s mindful Cami bras come with removable pads, so you can keep it in or take it off as you please.



There is more to padded bras than the fact that they make your breasts look bigger, which is actually a myth because there are always levels to the padding in bra cups. The false assumption is that padded is for people with a smaller bust, however, padding is just an additional layer stitched to your cups, mainly to conceal the nipples and give an even look from outside.

Here are top 4 benfits of wearing a padded bra.

1. Shapes your curves : Oh yeah! The padding will beautifully shape your breasts and make them look rounder. The padding is designed in the shape of your breasts and will enhance and accentuate your breasts.

2. Conceals your nipples : How important is this! Nobody wants their nipple showing, and a non-padded bra in this can take away all the confidence. For thin fabric clothing like T-shirts or a tight-fitting topwear, your bra lines and ..nipples are pretty visible. Wear a padded bra to conceal them and feel secured all day.

3. Makes you more confident - This is something you must experience by yourself, putting on a padded bra underneath will automatically make you feel better and look better. The padding will conceal all your flaws that you may have around the bust area.

4. Enables you to wear anything - Just an extra layer on your cups; the padding will expand your wardrobe to so much more. You can now wear bodycon dresses, figure hugging clothes and spaghettis over the sweet and functional padded bra.

Padded bras start from 32B and goes up to 42D.