Add a new edge to your lingerie closet with a 34b cotton bra collection from shyaway.com on special offers. With the elegance of a complementing Cotton Panty, the whole look is complete. In fact, these are the best inners to sport with a Shapewear because of their high-comfort quotient.

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Optimum comfort is all that a woman looks for while choosing lingerie for daily wear. To achieve this, a wonder fabric that is used by most fashion brands is cotton. Let’s throw some limelight on a 34b cotton bra which is one of the widely chosen inner wear sizes worldwide. The significance of cotton is crafting everyday inners numerous. Right from a casual T-shirt bra to a pair of high-comfort Hipster Panties, the serene pieces of inners that are fabricated using are plenty. A sense of free movement that this fabric provides is what makes it the most sought-after material in crafting the best pieces of lingerie. Shyaway takes every attempt in displaying the best cotton bra collection in almost all dreamy sizes and refreshing patterns. Talking about sizes in specific, it is important to first know your bra size before you indulge into buying you favorite bra. The Bra Size Calculator on our site does the work. It helps in determining the perfect size to make the online shopping experience hassle-free. In case of a 34b bra, 34 is the band size, and B is the cup size. This is a gorgeously moderate bust size and has the flexibility of going in for multiple bra types according to the occasion. All of the cotton bra collection on Shyaway has a touch of spandex added to it. This is to increase the stretchable nature of cotton giving a snug fit. In fact, these intimates provide better fit compared to a 100% cotton bra. This feature comes handy in case of an Unpadded Plus Size Bra when a bit of elasticity is required to hold the heaviness of the larger bust sizes.


Cotton plays a major role in every piece of lingerie. The moisture-wicking nature of this soft fabric aims to provide the best experience in a Padded Sports Bra. Cotton absorbs sweat and keeps the skin clean and dry during rigorous workout sessions. This will also help in avoiding any odour during the exercise. Another major style that glorifies the importance of cotton is the ones that are endeared during the period of maternity. It is wise to be open to sister sizes as the bust shape might differ during pregnancy. For a 34b sized mother, a 32c Nursing Bra or a 36b one might also fit depending on the body type. Not just confined to the functionality, cotton that comes in striking colors is used in the manufacturing of sexy lingerie as well. With a dash of striking tones and revitalizing prints, a cotton Strapless Bra is the ideal inner to steal the show in grace. Go bare shoulder or add transparent straps from the accessory catalogue to provide extra support to the 34b cupped breast size. The detachable straps can be made criss-cross to create a style statement with ease.  Shyaway has a significant number of cotton bras in 34b size with different attributes. Since it is an average bust size, one can go in for the best support bra without underwire to give a closed fit.


Extreme temperatures require light-feel lingerie to stay as relaxed as possible. Cotton is one such fabric that lets the skin breathe with utmost ease. Inners crafted with organic cotton are a recent innovation that heightens the use of natural products to ensure a skin-friendly feel all day long. Light shaded Seamless T-shirt Bras are suggested by experts for everyday use when you don’t get much time to change your inners. Along with the sheer shape they provide, the breathability of the fabric and soft moulded cups enhance the lounge feel after a busy day.  At the end of the day, nothing could beat the tranquillity in a cosy Camisole for a cherishing state of repose.