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34B size padded bra - Show off your perfect figure with our 34B Size Padded Bra from shyaway Online. Flaunt yourself with this perfect size padded bras with the matching Panties. Look at our Babydolls that boost your confidence and make you look fabulous. 

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Women need the styles of bras which are so versatile and comfortable with their construction that can be worn with almost every outfit and can become your everyday partner. And when it comes to padded bras, there are many reasons why most of the woman prefers it the most. Padded bras help to enhance the bust line, and with the right shape of the padded inserts, a bra can make your busts look larger by adding up a cup size or anything. Padded bras can also be found in almost all Push-Up Bras. But Push bra will have a thick padding than the regular padded bra. Shyaway gives you the padded bras with the padding material of Cotton, Lace, Mesh, Polyamide, and Spandex fabric. This type of bras protects you from showing the nipples.

There are many styles and types of padded bras in which all the types offer to boost the size of your busts, some can be used for every day with any outfit, and others for those tops that require a bit of cleavage and push up. Their cups can be fully padded or have only a small amount of padding. When you want to try a padded bra, wear outfits like shirts that could give you the better shape of yourself and create an ability to look fantastic with your low cut tops also. To find the perfect padded bra that has a perfect fit for you, the best thing to do is trying them in our shyaway online portal.


Styled with beautiful and designed with perfection, shyaway gives you the beautiful bold colour bras that give any women an extra comfort and beautiful finish. Choosing the perfect bra is as much as important as choosing your life partner. Select a bra that gives you the perfect shape and fits you well. Bra size plays the important role here. Being one of the most popular bra sizes, most of the women end up with purchasing 34B size bras. "B" cup breast is considered to be an average one. But women with 34B size have a larger bust than women with a 28B size. 34B size bras can be comparable to the following sizes called sister sizes which are a 30D bra and 36A bra size. And when it's come to the appearance of the bras, it depends on her body shape and how she chooses to wear and her clothing choices. Dressed in a 34B padded bra will make the breasts appear more noticeable than wearing a normal bra. In fact, women with 34B breasts would be more likely to need to wear padded bras to fill out certain clothing.

Wear dresses or tops that plunge very low on the chest would look great on women with small breasts. Find more T-shirt bras from shyaway that also suits the lifestyle of the modern women. This shirt bra with padded helps you to wear in all kind of occasion whether it's a usual day out or a cool friends party. The price range for this padded bra with 34B size starts from Rs.419.


Look for the feminine and luxurious bra crafted with intricate lace embroidery along with fabulous looking shoulder straps in our shyaway website. The bras are very supportive and designed to fully cover the breast with the added support of bra pads. Get a  strapless bra with 34B sizing and padding for strapless gowns or tops to look more comfortable and stylish. There are some bras with detachable straps which can be convertible into multi styling wear. Push yourself with our large collections of padded bras and lingerie sets which give you the combination of comfort, versatility and innovative design that turned from a style statement into an attractive and reasonably affordable wardrobe option for the modern women.