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Many women have a misconception about bra sizes, especially about the DD cup. The poor DD cup has been a victim to many myths and false claims and just outright harsh statements. The mention of the alphabet drop jaws and pop eyes or even worse raise eyebrows-why? Simply because people assume it means collosal boobs. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with big boobs, we would like to lay out the facts right that ‘DD’ does not mean big, huge or large. Much to your surprise, the D+ cup changes in size corresponding to the band size. If you are thinking the D is the last size on the chart and that you are too big, please calm down because the industry is releasing a new alphabet (aka cup size) every few months. The latest being the J cup, the whole idea is to make Bras for every woman, because it is an undergarment that many women are in dire need of. Furthermore, know the exact measurements of the D+ cup sizing and how its constructed.

So what exactly is a DD cup?

The DD cup does not neccessarily mean the largeness of the breasts. It changes with the band size, the alphabet D corresponds to 93 to 96 cms, and DD corresponds to 96,97 to100cms. While this is standard, for measurements below 97 ot 93 can also have DD. The common bra sizes in DD are 34DD,36DD,38DD,40DD and 42DD. Use our bra size calculator to find your accurate Bra Size. Buy modern bras online in 34DD, choose from the types of bras here. Unlike the AA which is smaller than A, the DD is actually bigger than D. Sounds strange and a tad bit unfair? Well, let’s hope the sizing system changes until we embrace and enjoy every bit of wearing beautiful bras.


1. The DD labelled bras don’t fit them right

2. Breast spillage problems; some women ignore this a lot which causes them to look bigger and sometimes even pain because the cups don’t fully hold your breasts.

3.Very few brands understand their size.


The cup construction in bras is unequivocably the most important step in a bra making progress. If the cups are right, then 70% of the bra is complete. A bra with DD cups can be constructed to provide demi-coverage, Full Coverage or even in the balconette style (which offers even less coverage than demi bras). Take your breast shape into consideration while buying.Take your breast shape into consideration while buying. For example, the balconette bra might be a great option for women who have a teardrop, bell-shaped or bottom heavy breasts and widely spaced breasts as the style will lift and support the DD bust. A woman with rounded breasts on the other hand might experience spillage in these bras and would be better off with full-coverage bras that envelop the entire volume of their breasts.


1. I cannot wear demi-cups or bralettes - For some odd reason, people think that if they have comparitively bigger breasts, they cannot play around with their bras, only the regular boring ones are meant for them.

2. DD is the last and the biggest size - False, like we discussed earlier, it is not the biggest or the last size on the chart.

3. Underwire bras are harmful for me - Probably the most ridiculous one, but serious enough to bust. Underwires are not harmful for any size, big, medium or small. Underwire just provides extra support and shaping. They subtly lift your breasts up too.

4. My breasts will sag sooner - This is true only for women who continually wear the wrong size bra or the wrong type of bra. The size of your breasts have little to do with their sagging nature. You may have witnessed that smaller bra sizes have saggy breasts.

5. They don’t make my size - There are a lot of women with the DD size so this automatically pushes them to make bras for you.