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Unlike what you heard, read or thought, the 36DD is very common in India. It is just that most women wear the wrong bra size that this fact doesn’t come out official. It is partly shame, partly ignorance and partly influence or pressure that women who are actually a DD wear a D or C. Too many people just give the breasts a glance or a stare and make an assumption about their bra size and voila, that will be your bra size for the rest of your life and for Lingerie Store you walk into. Well, we wish that helped our women but unfortunately it has only caused harm. Someone once said that we would never wear a wrong shoe size. That is the level of discomfort and pain wearing a wrong bra size will cause you.


In a 36DD bra size, 36 is the band size and DD is the bust size or the cup size and the alphabet corresponds to 96 to 100 centimeters. The common worries and griefs that women with a DD have are that they are restricted to just one type of bra; that they cannot experiment with styles. But that is not true in today’s day and age. With Shyaway, get introduced to a world of awe-inspiring bras like demi-cups, balconette and racer-backs.


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1. Do not compromise on the comfort thinking that a D or C is good enough. This will cause your boobs to spill out of the bra either from the side or in the front from above or below the cups. Also make sure there is no gap between the cup and the breasts, this means the bra is loose.

2. If a full coverage bra looks like a demi cup, then maybe you must determine your breast shape. If your breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom or vice versa, just any cup wouldn’t do justice. The different cup constructions help, fit and enhance different breast shapes.


It is important to note that the DD cup does not always mean ‘big’ but some or often times it does fit comparitively larger breasts than D or C. Only in few cases like the band size is very small in propotion to their bust, the DD will fit smaller breasts which appear to be C or D. Which is why in general, the straps are wider for cup sizes like D and DD for extra support, so when we talk about strapless bras for bigger cup sizes, the design must be impeccable. Strapless bras have always been a matter of concern for girls for some obvious reasons like slipping  and sliding; more so for bigger cups. There was a time when they manufactured strapless bras only for smaller cup sizes up until C. So here are some hacks that will help you rock the strapless bra.

1. Try a longline Strapless Bra - This one has an extended band which will yeild support in the absence of straps. The bottom portion of your bra will be intact.

2. Go for Underwire Bras - Underwires are a boon, they save your day sometimes by giving an excellent lift to your breasts and holds it in position so this will undoubtedly be a great strapless option. Heavier breasts tend to droop down due to the weight but don’t you worry the underwire strapless bra promise to be your best friend.

3. Get Invisible Straps - These are as good as Strapless Bras, it blends with your skin and cannot be spotted. It gives the desired support, the security and you can dance around in your strapless evening gown all night!!

The DD starts with the band size 34. Shop for 34 and 36DD bras online in India from Shyaway.