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44B Bra - Make every day a Halcyon day with the best collections of 44B sized Bras. Get your matchy Hipster Panty from shyaway.com. Beautify your lingerie wardrobe with the delightful collections of Capri Set Nightwear for a happy day.

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  1. Susie Skylight Non Padded Everyday Side Support Bra
    4.9 (20)
  2. Susie Stormfront Grey Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.5 (133)
  3. Susie Double Cream Skin Wirefree Moulded Full Coverage Bra
    4.6 (129)
  4. Susie Mary Rose Wirefree Full Coverage No Sag M Frame Bra
    4.1 (40)
  5. Susie Red Dahlia Wirefree Moulded Full Coverage Bra
    4.8 (201)
  6. Susie Moroccan Blue Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.4 (131)
  7. Susie Black Beauty Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
    4.9 (178)
  8. Susie Fenugreek Wirefree Full Coverage Moulded Cotton Bra
    4 (32)
  9. Susie BlackBeauty Bottom Encircled Moulded Everyday Bra
    4.7 (35)
  10. Susie Dark Purple Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
    4.6 (132)
  11. Susie AngelFalls Blue Bottom Encircled Moulded Everyday Bra
    4 (146)
  12. Susie Beet Red Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.9 (36)
  13. Susie Stormfront Grey Bottom Encircled Moulded Everyday Bra
    4.9 (146)
  14. Susie Dubarry Peach Mesh Neckline Non Padded Everyday Bra
    4.7 (156)
  15. Susie Fenugreek Skin Non Padded Moulded Plunge Bra
    4.6 (162)
  16. Susie Skylight Blue Bottom Encircled Moulded Everyday Bra
    4.7 (47)
  17. Susie Peach Parfait Bottom Encircled Moulded Everyday Bra
    4.1 (147)
  18. Susie Lobster Bisque Wirefree Full Coverage Moulded Cotton Bra
    4.3 (33)


Shyaway brings out the secret of uplifting feminine buoyancy by indulging womanhood in the charming collections of Everyday Bra to experience the elegant appearance from the outside and the feathery comfy from inside. This bra is made up of pure cotton and stretchy spandex fabric giving you utmost cozy, and it is exceptionally soft against the skin. This is a casually styled Dailywear bra that is designed in an innovated format making you comfy and moisture-free all day long. This type of Cotton Bra has an unpadded cup that delivers you with the smoothest skin feel and snug fit. This is a full coverage bra with no cleavage shown. It has a soft, stretchy adjustable strap that supports your bust in a comfortable style. The elastic band surrounds your body with adjustable hooks and eye closures. The soft, stretchy effect of soft elastane fabrics used in the straps and bands of the bra makes you feel relaxing and leave no marks on the skin. You can pair it up your Kurta, saree blouse, Bralette, shirt or tops.


Cherishing Motherhood is somewhat essential in a lingerie field as they are the touchstones of the future sunshine. Shyaway brings you with the specially designed Maternity Bra from well-known brands like Sonari and Laavian. Make yourself feel enthusiastic about the best quality of Online Nursing Bras that will hold your body with tender and care. These bras are soft feathery fabrics mainly intended to keep the mother in a sophisticated manner. This Full Coverage Bra is unpadded giving your bust excellent support and protection. The feeding process is essential in a nursing bra, as there are open front flaps that fasten at the top, near the shoulder straps. In a Laavian nursing bra, you will find the free front flaps open and close between the cups. The cups are seamed and seamless features providing you with relative supportiveness. We even offer you with trendy Women Nightwear for a comfy home fit.


Plunge your desire in the beautiful collection of 44B Size Push up Bra to explicit your feminine style. This bra is styled with perennial prints and attractive laceworks to build your chic personality fascinatingly. Shyle brand offers you bras in varying colors and sizes. If you are not available with the exact 44B size bras, then you can go for sister sized ones. 42D is the sister size of 44B bras. It is crafted with super flex fabrics like polyamide and spandex material for vivid comfy. Push up bras are of demi coverage with little chic shown. In this type of bra, padding levels are given. It is a level 3 Padded Push-up Bra providing your bust more excellent uplift and support. Match up with your favorite T-shirt, Tank Tops, and kurtas for a unique effect.


Elegance is one of the words that define the experience of love and comfort, which tunes the smile in a woman’s chin. Beauty is extended in a fashionable way when the right lingerie is worn to beautify your outfit in a stunning outlook. Searching for lovely colorful Sexy Lingerie Sets are made inescapable for women’s as it’s one of their inner desires and is indeed fulfilled when it goes in with online shopping. Shyaway is one of the best Lingerie Online Shopping zones in India getting you with a wide range of stylish Bra and Panty collections in varying designs and colours that makes the wearer feel luxurious. Have a vivacious day with the best collections of 44B size Bra in an alluring comfy state. Buying different types of 44B sized bras gives you layers of happiness with exoticism.