You may find bras, as the small item of clothing but remember they can be hardest to buy. Keeping this in mind, follow some bra fitting tips to shop the right type of cotton bra online

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The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Bra

You may find embarrassing try out different sizes of intimate wear at the departmental store if the fitting is not perfect. Here are given a guideline picking the right bra from our online store for a different occasion.

1. Make use of bra size calculator

The first step includes finding the right size with a bra size calculator. There is nothing harm in measuring yourself. Many of you might be wearing the wrong size for more than 10 years. It hardly takes few minutes to get measured.

Band size - Now, you have to measure your underbust and bust to perceive the correct size. Wear your most comfortable bra but no clothes and keep the measuring tape on your rib cage, under the bust. The tape should neither be too tight or loose, keep it straight. Note the measurement and round to the nearest whole number. This is your band size.

Bust size – Again, place the tape on the fullest part of your breast and ensure the tape is straight across your back. Not down the measurement and round to the nearest whole number. 

If you have both measurements, you can easily calculate your cup size. Subtract your band size from the bust measurement, you will get your band and cup size.

2. Picking up the right type of bra

Choosing the right bra depends on many factors apart from knowing the right size. The amount of cup coverage, size, fabric, and style everything should be considered buying the right type of bra. 

Cup design

Full cup - A full coverage bra will cover your entire busts and best suitable for those who have large boobs. Our site shyaway have a great collection of full coverage everyday bra, you must check online.

Balconette – The low cut style bra will have wide straps. The bra comes with underwire creating a shallow U shape. They are designed to create cleavage.

Demi cup -The half cup bra will cover half of your busts and our demi-coverage bra is decorated with lace making perfect to be worn for the occasion.

Soft cup – The soft cup bra comes without underwire, made of cotton fabric, they are best suitable to be worn as daily wear. Our online store shyaway has t-shirt bra in a soft cup with full coverage as well as demi-cup style to be worn with figure-hugging outfits.

Specialist Bra

Nursing bra - The bra is designed quick access to the nipples for breastfeeding. The clips on the straps will allow the cup to drop down. We have printed nursing bras made of cotton fabric, you shouldn’t miss out.

Sports bra – The sports bra comes with a different level of support and designed to reduce movement while exercising.


Light - The bra will have a small layer of padding for support. Ladies with medium bust size may try light padded bra online.

Medium - The medium padded bra will give light support and offers great cleavage.

Push up – A push-up bra offers good support and they are designed to boost up your cleavage. There are 3 levels of push up bra when level 1 gives a gentle lift, level 2 you can expect a moderate lift. Level 3 add 2 cup sizes. 

Buy bra online from shyaway lingerie store because we keep on updating with latest prints and style. The bra is crafted of high-quality fabric and surely will last longer. 

BRA Faq's - 

1. Which bra is best for ladies?

Any bra with proper size which fits you like a frame is the best bra that you can ever wear. You should look for a bra that is made up of exclusive lingerie fabrics like
• pure cotton,
• cotton and spandex
• polyamide
• lace
• nylon
• spandex
• polyester
• silk
Last but not least, the seams should be intact and should have impeccable finishing.

2. Which Type of bra is best?

Every type of bra provides different function depend on the wearer’s need and occasion.
• A T-shirt bra is best when you wear any apparel that has body hugging fit, and made up of clingy fabric as a t shirt bra hides the nipple properly and gives a smooth figure.
• A nursing bra provides the best pamper and comfort for new mothers.
Likewise you should choose your bras based on its functionality to fulfill your need.

3. How does Shyaway measure bra size?

Shyaway calculates your bra size using the underbust and over bust measurements. Your band measurement is subtracted from the bust measurement and the relevant bra sizes with cup sizes for different lingerie brands are displayed for your ease of purchase.

Under bust measurement in cm Over bust measurement in cm Standard size Sister sizes
75 95 34D 32E,36C
80 95 36B 34C, 38A
83 98 38A 36B

4. how to wear bra?

1. Glide your arms through the shoulder straps and position the bra cups on your breasts.
2. Bend forward so that your breasts plunge into the bra cups nice and perfect.
3. Clasp the band in the first hook at the edge of the bra band.
4. Adjust shoulder straps using sliders.
5. Slightly bend forward and swipe your palms inside the cups to tuck your breasts into position.