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Soft padded bra - sprinkles the softness effortlessly and comes with super cool designs. soft padded bra is the invention which has the extreme softness and goes with any outfit with ease. Get your super comfy soft padded bra online with moulded bras and T-shirt bra


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When a woman is clothed in strength and dignity, she enters the world with no fear. Inner attire is essential than an outer outfit. Lingeries are all about comfort as it is like our second skin. Every woman is crucial in selecting the best for her body in terms of style and comfort. So, helps you get the right soft padded bras online decorated with perfect perennial prints in graphic and digital designs at affordable prices in India. Embrace the changing trends of lingerie to decor your wardrobe with the utmost collections. All trimmed with redefined detailing that focuses on femininity through intricate embellishments. Check in with the new collections of soft padded bras that are designed giving ideal comfort.


Adding flavours of comfort and style to your wardrobe. Shyaway brings you collections of soft padded bra fashioned out with comfort for special occasions. You can experience the ultra-comfy with the classy collection of soft padded bras as they are specially designed with fabrics like cotton, polyamide, spandex mix for the proper elasticity, combined with sexy touches like lace and mesh. This is an adequate product from Shyle. These padded bras are soft and of different styles and shades that attract every woman’s soul. It’s lace works are perfectly designed by professionals for an ideal outlook. You can also wear a soft padded bra as an everyday bra for a perfect comfort. Its lightweight feel will even make you forget that you're wearing a bra.

Some women may get worried about their sizes as they can’t suit themselves with stylish ones. So, shyaway help you with the stylish collection of soft padded bra for unveiling your beauty. Sizes are offered right from 36D and above. The soft padded cups get you with maximum comfort that no other regular bras might provide. These bras come in demi and full coverage formula. Demi coverage bras will have a deep neckline that is even more heavenly, this beautiful soft padded bra conforms to your curves with stretchy sides for a flawless, ultra-comfy fit. Full coverage bras give you complete support with no cleavage to show off. These bras come in vibrant prints and subtle shades to highlight your fashion.

Make yourself feel enthusiastic with the best quality of soft padded bras that will hold your body with tender and care. This bra is designed to accommodate your breasts’ changes in size comfortably. Soft padded bra has the dual benefit of being both comfortable yet supportive, ensuring that the blood flows freely within your soft breast tissue. The cotton spandex fabric enables your skin to breathe and gives you the great flexibility that you will never feel constrained by soft padded bras. They have soft stretchy adjustable straps to uplift, maintain the shape of your bust and minimize the effect of gravity in the long run.. They also have a strong side and under-cup support with soft paddings giving your bust soft feel.


Perfect lingerie gives a woman self-confidence and empowerment on the inside as well as the outside view. So, indulge in the best collections of shyaway soft padded bras for utmost beauty. If you need further help in understanding the measurement of your bra, you can look for an online bra size chart India that can help you find out the correct size you need to wear.