Bra Size Calculator India: How to Measure Bra Size

  • Stand straight and breathe normally.
  • Bring the measuring tape around your torso, right beneath your bust.
  • The tape should not be held too tight or too loose, it should be taut.
  • To Measure the Hip size bring the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.
  • The tape must be parallel to the floor and the fit must be snug.
  • Record the measurement in cm and enter below.
  • Stand straight and breathe normally.
  • Bring the measuring tape around your torso, right beneath your bust.
  • The tape should not be held too tight or too loose, it should be taut.
  • To Measure the Hip size bring the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.
  • The tape must be parallel to the floor and the fit must be snug.
  • Record the measurement in cm and enter below.

A bra of the right size and fit enhances appearance and boosts confidence. When you wear the correct-sized bra, you will also feel comfortable all day long. In addition, you won’t have to worry about bulges or sagging when you wear a bra of the perfect size and fit. To get or purchase a bra of the right size, you must first know your accurate bra size, which can be achieved using the Shyaway bra size calculator. We will help you learn how to measure bra size using this calculator. 

Shyaway understands the need for accurate measurements, and so, it has made the procedure for using the bra size calculator convenient for you. To begin with, you will need the following items to measure your bra size. 

  • A measuring tape
  • A non-padded bra
  • A mirror

How to Measure Bra Size?

Firstly, you need your bust size and band size to get your correct bra size. The instructions to measure the bust and band sizes are given below.

Calculate Your Bust Size:

  • Ensure you are wearing a non-padded bra.
  • Stand straight and wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bust.
  • The tape must be placed at the apex level. It should not be too tight or too loose.
  • Note down the measurement in cm.

Calculate Your Band Size:

  • Make sure you are wearing a non-padded bra.
  • Stand straight and wrap the measuring tape around your torso.
  • When you wrap the tape, it should snugly fit your band. That is, it must not be too tight or too loose.
  • Make note of the measurement in cm.

How to Use a Bra Size Calculator?

Let’s see how to obtain your correct bra size using the Shyaway bra size calculator.

Calculate Your Bra Size

Now that you have your bust and band sizes, let’s use Shyaway bra size calculator to obtain your correct bra size. To do the same, follow the steps here.

  1. On the Shyaway bra size calculator, enter your band size and bust size in the respective boxes. Since you have noted down the measurements in cm, you can enter the same values in the boxes.
  2. Can you see the GET MY SIZE button? Now, just click the button.
  3. Once the page refreshes, you will see your accurate bra size!

Do you have your measurements in inches? Here’s how to read Shyaway bra size chart in inches. 

Shyaway India Bra Size Chart (in Inches)

We have seen how to get the correct bra size using the bra size calculator online when you input the bust and band sizes in cm. However, if you measure yourself in inches, use the following size chart to know your correct bra size.

Band (Inches) Bust (Inches) Bra Size Band (Inches) Bust (Inches) Bra Size
24.8 - 26.4
29.1-29.5 28A
26.8 - 28.3
30.7 - 31.1 30A
29.9-30.3 28B 31.5 - 31.9 30B
30.7-31.1 28C 32.3 - 32.7 30C
31.5-31.9 28D 33.1 - 33.5 30D
32.3-32.7 28DD 33.9 - 34.3 30DD
33.1-33.5 28E 34.6 - 35.0 30E
33.9-34.3 28F 35.4 - 35.8 30F
34.6-35.0 28G 36.2 - 36.6 30G
28.7 - 30.3
32.3-32.7 32A
30.7 - 32.3
33.9-34.3 34A
33.1-33.5 32B 34.6-35.0 34B
33.9-34.3 32C 35.4-35.8 34C
34.6-35.0 32D 36.2-36.6 34D
35.4-35.8 32DD 37.0-37.4 34DD
36.2-36.6 32E 37.8-38.2 34E
37.0-37.4 32F 38.6-39.0 34F
37.8-38.2 32G 39.4-39.8 34G
32.7 - 34.3
35.4-35.8 36A
34.6 - 36.2
37.0-37.4 38A
36.2-36.6 36B 37.8-38.2 38B
37.0-37.4 36C 38.6-39.0 38C
37.8-38.2 36D 39.4-39.8 38D
38.6-39.0 36DD 40.2-40.6 38DD
39.4-39.8 36E 40.9-41.3 38E
40.2-40.6 36F 41.7-42.1 38F
40.9-41.3 36G 42.5-42.9 38G
36.6 - 38.2
38.6-39.0 40A
38.6 - 40.2
40.2-40.6 42A
39.4-39.8 40B 40.9-41.3 42B
40.2-40.6 40C 41.7-42.1 42C
40.9-41.3 40D 42.5-42.9 42D
41.7-42.1 40DD 43.3-43.7 42DD
42.5-42.9 40E 44.1-44.5 42E
43.3-43.7 40F 44.9-45.3 42F
44.1-44.5 40G 45.7-46.1 42G
40.6 - 42.1
41.7-42.1 44A
42.5 - 44.1
43.3-43.7 46A
42.5-42.9 44B 44.1-44.5 46B
43.3-43.7 44C 44.9-45.3 46C
44.1-44.5 44D 45.7-46.1 46D
44.9-45.3 44DD 46.5-46.9 46DD
45.7-46.1 44E 47.2-47.6 46E
46.5-46.9 44F 48.0-48.4 46F
47.2-47.6 44G 48.8-49.2 46G
44.5 - 46.1
44.9-45.3 48A
46.5 - 48.1
47.1 -47.5 50A
45.7-46.1 48B 47.9 -48.3 50B
46.5-46.9 48C 49.7 - 50.1 50C
47.2-47.6 48D 50.5 - 50.9 50D
48.0-48.4 48DD 51.3 - 51.7 50DD
48.8-49.2 48E 52.1 - 52.5 50E
49.6-50.0 48F 52.9 -53.3 50F
50.4-50.8 48G 53.7 - 54.1 50G

How to Find the Perfect Bra Size?

Do you know that nearly 80% of Indian women wear incorrectly-sized or ill-fitting bras? Such bras ruin your look, and more importantly, fail to give you the much-needed support and comfort. If you wear a wrong-sized bra, its straps can dig into your skin, or slip off your shoulders. Ill-fitting bras can also lead to chest or back pain in the long run. 

Shyaway understands the importance of wearing bras of the correct size because it keeps women’s comfort and well-being in mind. That’s why we have come up with the online bra size calculator, which helps you find the perfect bra!

Therefore, using this simple bra size guide, you can easily and quickly find your bra size. Let’s see how to do that!

Bra Size/Fitting Checklist

If your bra is of the right size and fit, all its parts will also be perfect and fit you well so that you feel comfortable. We provide you with a bra checklist that describes how exactly the parts of a well-fitting bra of the right size should be. Take a look!


The cups must not be too tight or too loose. In case they are too tight, you will find red marks on your skin. If they are too loose, your breasts might sag. However, if you wear a well-fitting bra, you can avoid both of these problems.

Centre Gore

This is the section between the cups. In the right-sized bra, the centre gore will be flat.

Front and Back Straps

The straps should not fall off the shoulders. Straps that are too tight will leave marks on the shoulders or at the back. A well-fitting bra can help you avoid both these problems.

Hook-and-Eye Closure

When you wear a brand-new bra, the outermost hook-and-eye closure should give you a snug fit and make you feel comfortable.

Underwire (For Wired Bras)

The underwires must not poke into the skin or cause any discomfort.

Underband and Sideband

The underband must sit flat and parallel to the breasts. The sideband should be broad enough to avoid breast spillage.

Ring and Slider

The straps of a bra contain the ring and slider. In a bra with adjustable straps, the rings should allow proper length adjustments. The sliders should also help with the adjustments.

Bra Sister Size Calculator

If you don’t find a bra of your exact size, you can go for sister sizing.

Sister Size Up

Suppose your bra size is 36B, your “sister-size up” will be 38A (a band size higher and a cup size lower).

Sister Size Down

For the same size - 36B, your “sister-size down” will be 34C (a band size lower and a cup size higher).

FAQs About Bra Size Calculator and Bra Size Measurement

Why do you add 4 inches to your band size?

You can determine your bra band size by adding four inches to your band size. Subtract your bust size from your acquired bra band size to get your cup size. For example, if your band size is 30 inches and your bust size is 36 inches, adding four to the band size (4 + 30) gives 34 inches.

Subtracting bust size from band size (36 - 34) gives 2 inches. This 2-inch represents the letter B as cup size.

What are cup sizes A, B, C, and D?

Bras are available in different sizes. Letters A, B, C, and D denote cup sizes. Numbers like 32, 34, 36, and 38 are measurements of underbust called band size. The cup size indicates the volume of the bust and as the letters increase,  the cup size also increases.
Example: Bra size 34B indicates that your boob is a B cup and your bra is 34 inches around.

Will the bra increase breast size?

No, a bra will not cause or prevent breast growth. It is determined by a woman’s genes and hormones, not by her bra. Wearing the correct size bra makes you feel more at ease. A smaller bra causes breast pain due to compression, while a larger bra provides insufficient support and causes saginess and bouncing.

What happens if you wear the wrong size?

Wearing the wrong bra sizes leads to the following health issues, including

  • Breast tissue pain and discomfort
  • Backache, neckache and headache
  • Poor posture. Your bra restricts your posture
  • No proper support for your breasts

Can the Bra size calculator be used for all types of bras?

Yes, the Bra size calculator is versatile and suitable for various bra styles, including sports bras, push-up bras, padded bras, and everyday bras.

Which bra size is larger, 34 or 36?

First, bra sizes consist of two components: the bra cup size (represented by letters) and the band size (measured in cm or inches). Now, a 36 is larger than a 34 if we only discuss the band size.

But there's another factor to consider here: cup size. The 34B has a bigger cup size than the 36A if we are comparing the two. However, the 36C has a larger band size and a larger cup size when compared to the 34B. The most accurate method for determining our actual size is to use the Shyaway Bra size calculator.

When should you switch to a smaller size bra?

If you experience a lot of bouncing, breast spillage, or gaping inside the cups, you must switch to a smaller-size bra. Read the signs you need a smaller size bra for better clarity.

How do you know when to go up a bra size?

If you experience spillage, lack support, and have discomfort with the underwire, you may need a bigger size bra. Read the signs you're ready to buy a bigger bra size to know more.

What are clear signs that the bra centre gore doesn’t fit you?

  • The band is too big.
  • The cup might be too small.
  • You may be wearing the wrong style of bra.

To learn more, read How Does the Centre Gore of a Bra Fit

How should the bra band fit?

There should be no more than one finger's gap between the bra band and your back. It should fit snugly and shouldn't be too tight or loose. To learn more, read Everything about the Bra Wings and Band'




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