Bra Size Calculator India

  • Stand straight and breathe normally.
  • Bring the measuring tape around your torso, right beneath your bust.
  • The tape should not be held too tight or too loose, it should be taut.
  • Record the measurement in cm and enter below.
  • Bring the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips.
  • The tape must be parallel to the floor and the fit must be snug.
  • Record the measurement in cm.
  • Refer to Shyaway's Panty Size Chart to find your correct panty size.

How to Find The Perfect Bra

Around 80% of Indian women wear ill-fitting bras- this is a known fact! An ill-fitting bra not only destroys your outlook but also doesn’t give you the needed support, the straps slip or dig in, cups overflow and also causes health related problems. All because most women don’t get their bra size measured. To solve this issue, we have come up with a bra size calculator on how to measure bra size.

Knowing your correct bra size is the best way to find the perfect bra. So make use of this guide on online bra size calculators to get the right one.

Here’s How to Measure Bra Size Using a Bra Size Calculator

How to Measure Bust Size

Step 1:

  1. Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust.
  2. Wear a regular, non-padded bra while taking the measurement.
  3. Make sure that the tape is not too tight or too loose- just place it smoothly at the nipple level. 
  4. Record the measurement and round off to the nearest whole number.

How to Measure Band Size

Step 2:

  • Stand straight and bring the measuring tape around your torso.
  • The tape should fit snugly around your band. Not too tight or too loose.
  • Record the measurement obtained and round off to the nearest whole number.
  • Now, subtract the band size from the bust size we calculated earlier.

Follow the instructions correctly to find your correct size. Knowing your size is important for your physical health and your glam. Check your bra size every 3-6 months. We at Shyaway pave you the most effective way.

I Want to Know My Sister Size

Though each bra size has four sister sizes, you should choose the closest two when shopping for sister-size bras.

Sister Size Up

If your bra size is 34C, your sister's bra size will be 36B. (One band size higher and one cup size smaller).

Sister Size Down

Similarly, if you're a 34C, your cup size will be 32D. (One band size lower and one cup size bigger)


Should I Definitely Opt for Sister Size Bras?

1. Please keep in mind that a size bra may not fit you for a variety of reasons. Make a note of which aspects of your bra need to be adjusted to attain the best fit. This will assist you in finding a bra that fits properly.

2. It's also crucial to recognise the physical changes in your body that could lead to a mismatch. During puberty and pregnancy, your usual bra will not suffice. So, in this case, trying sister sizes would be the best solution.

3. Furthermore, an ill-fitting bra can cause a great deal of discomfort, as well as neck and shoulder pain and posture issues. As a result, rather than going with the same uncomfortable bra, you could go for sister sizes.

4. If you are still unhappy with the sister sizing concept, we propose that you measure yourself for the correct bra size before continuing your buying.