Sports Bra for Girls & Women

Sports bra : a well-fitted sports bra minimizes breast movement, reducing strain on the delicate ligaments and tissues, which helps prevent discomfort and potential long-term damage that is a reason why it became popular among women and girls. Additionally, it promotes better posture by providing adequate support to the chest, contributing to overall spinal alignment and reducing the risk of back pain. Shyaway has the ideal sports bra collections, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're seeking high, low, or medium impact support, we offer a diverse range of options. From classic styles to T-back and racerback designs, our assortment ensures there's a perfect fit for every preference and activity level.

Sports bra
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  1. Shyle Bay Green Dual Cross Back Medium Impact Sports Bra
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  2. Shyle Snow White Padded WIrefree Medium Impact Sports Bra
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  3. Shyle White Classic Back Full Coverage Sports Bra
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  4. Shyle Black Front Zipper High Impact Sports Bra
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  5. Shyle Hyacinth Purple Medium Impact Padded Sports Bra
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  6. Shyle Wind Chime Grey Criss Cross Strap Medium Impact Sports Bra
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  7. Shyle Navy Blue Medium Impact Recerback Keyhole Sports Bra
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  8. Shyle Ocean Blue Racer Back Seamless Sports Bra
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  9. Shyle Blue and Pink Low Impact Removable Padding Sports Bra
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  10. Shyle Cabernet Red Mesh Back Panel Low Impact Sports Bra
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  11. Shyle CandyPink Low Impact Longline Strappy Back Sports Bra
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  12. Shyle Volcanic Ash Removable Padding Low Impact Sports Bra
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  13. Shyle Hyacinth Purple Front Multi Adjustor Medium Impact Sports Bra
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  14. Shyle Delicate Blue Front Open Racerback High Impact Sports Bra
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  15. Shyle Bay Green Velcro Adjuster High Impact High Coverage Sports Bra
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  16. Shyle Grey and Blue Low Impact Removable Padding Sports Bra
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  17. Shyle Black Beauty Mesh Back Panel Low Impact Sports Bra
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  18. Shyle Black Beauty Low Impact Longline Strappy Back Sports Bra
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  19. Shyle Monument Grey Removable Padding Low Impact Sports Bra
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  20. Shyle Lava Red Dual Cross Back Medium Impact Sports Bra
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Sports Bra for Girls & Women 

Buy Sports Bra for Women Online

Step into fitness fashion with Shyaway, a game-changer for women at any time. Dive into our exclusive collection of sports bras from S to XXL and find your perfect style. These sports bras help you with several exercises like walking, jogging, running, engaging in your favourite fitness class, mastering yoga poses, or conquering daily chores. Why wait? Buy your lovely collections that make you comfortable and stylish.

Sports Bras for Your Workout Routine

A sports bra is a necessary workout accessory for every woman. It is designed to offer support and stability during your exercises. From low-impact to high-impact sports bras, you can choose these bras based on the intensity of your workout. Our moisture-wicking fabrics, seamless construction, and adjustable features cater to your preferences.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

A sports bra is ideal for sweaty workout sessions and offers effective support. Here is the wide range of benefits of wearing a sports bra. 

Ample Support: Excessive movement during your workout results in the sagging of breasts. Therefore, wearing a sports bra that provides the right support can prevent this condition from occurring prematurely. 

Extra Comfort: Sports bras are crafted to make you feel more comfortable and confident. It helps you move, stretch, or run as you like. Our sports bras are crafted with the most breathable and stretchable fabrics that prevent irritation even after you sweat a lot. 

Maintain Shape: Sports bras provide a proper breast shape throughout your workout session. They work well for women with fuller busts to look more confident. 

Types of Women’s Sports Bra

When it comes to buying a sports bra, you may be confused about which one to choose. There are a variety of sports bra styles based on your preferences. 

Racerback Sports Bra: Perfect Fit and Support

Indulge in our racerback sports bra collection that is crafted for enhanced support with perfect fit. These sports bra promises you better confidence during your workout session. 

Encapsulation Sports Bra: Elevate Your High-Impact Workouts

Specially designed for high-intensity workouts, this sports bra lifts and separates each breast, providing maximum support from the underband as well. It comes heavily padded.

Compression Sports Bra: Conquer Your Low-Impact Workouts

These sports bras come in slip-on type without any built-in cups that push the busts against the chest. It keeps your busts in place but does not provide the extra support for heavily busted women. They are best suited for low-impact workouts like yoga. 

Regular Back Sports Bra: Where Beauty Meets Flexibility

Embrace your glam and style by matching this sports bra with various outfits. Add it to your everyday wear for the gym, yoga, or any other activities.

Plus-Size Sports Bra: Workout With Confidence

Plus-size sports bras are specially designed for women with large-size breasts. These bras reduce bouncing to some extent, control breast movement, and offer maximum support. 

Padded Sports Bra: Boost Your Workout Experience

Gear up your gym session with our padded sports bra that offers better comfort during high and low-intensity workouts. Fill your workout wardrobe with the stylish padded sports bra. 

Seamless Sports Bra: Tailored for Every Activity

Experience comfort in all your sports activities with our seamless sports bra. It ensures an elegant style and comfort without compromising the quality. 

Front-Zip Sports Bra: For Your Easy Access During Workout

Grab the perfect front-zip sports bra in your favourite colours. It offers a snug fit and the front open zipper style makes it breathable.

Difference Between Regular Bra and Sports Bra

Both regular bras and sports bras have specific purposes. You can wear a sports bra for workouts and other sports activities. This bra provides the necessary support, minimizes movement, and keeps you dry throughout the workout. On the other hand, regular bras are designed for everyday use and offer better comfort. You can wear it for college, school, and workplace daily. 

Fabric Used in a Sports Bra

  • Nylon: Durable, moisture-wicking, retains shape.
  • Spandex (Elastane): Provides elasticity and stretch.
  • Polyester: Lightweight, breathable, excellent moisture-wicking.
  • Mesh: Offers breathability and air circulation.
  • Lycra: Exceptional stretch and recovery properties.
  • Polyamide: Strong, durable, quick-drying.
  • Cotton (less common): Softness and breathability, but may lack moisture-wicking properties.

Shyaway Sports Bra Features

Moisture Wicking Fabric: Keeps your bra dry by wicking away the extra sweat from your skin during exercise.

Ventilation, Mesh Panels: Enhances breathability and promotes air circulation, keeping your body cool during workouts.

Racerback or Crossback Design: Builds support and stability by distributing pressure across the back and shoulders.

Adjustable Straps: Helps you adjust the fit of the sports bra to your body to achieve a comfortable and perfect lift, fit, and support.

Underwire or Wire-Free Options: Opt for Shyaway Underwire bras for additional support and lift and wire-free bras for maximum comfort, especially for activities with a lot of movement.

Removable Padding: Bras with removable padding for coverage and support personalization according to your preferences.

Compression and Encapsulation: To reduce the movement of the breasts by compressing them against the chest, compression bras are used.

Meanwhile, encapsulation bras have separate cups for each breast which minimizes bounce by providing individual support.

High, Medium, or Low-Impact Styles: Designed based on the different levels of impact. High-impact bras offer maximum support for high-intensity working and running, while low-impact bras are suitable for low-movement activities.

Seamless Construction: Seamless finish to minimize friction and reduce chafing of the breasts during movement.

Hook & Eye Closure or Pullover Styles: Choose traditional hook & eye closure at the back of a pullover design, depending on the level of support and ease you need.

Wide Range of Sizes: Shyaway sports bras come in a variety of sizes from teen to plus size  [S to XXL]to adapt to different body shapes and provide a proper fit for all individuals.

How to choose the right sports bra 

Tips to help you select the perfect sports bra:

Determine Your Activity Level: Always choose a sports bra considering the impact level of your activities. High-intensity movements like sports, workouts, and running, aerobics require more support than low-intensity activities like yoga. Check out the Shyaway website for sports bras that match your activity level.

Know Your Size: Get measured regularly to know your current bra size. Sizes can vary between brands, so it's essential to check the sizing chart or use the Shyaway Bra size calculator.

Understand Different Styles: Sports bras come in various styles, including compression, padded, crisscross, racerback, removable padding, encapsulation, etc., Choose a style that matches your comfort and support preferences.

Consider Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit, ensuring proper support. This is particularly important if you have a longer or shorter torso.

Check the Band: The band should fit snugly around your ribcage without being too loose or tight. You can also make sure by checking if it lies flat against your chest without riding up or causing the back bulge.

Choose the Right Material: Look for sweat-absorbing, quick-dry, and breathable fabrics to keep you dry and comfortable during workouts. Pick accordingly by the climate and the type of exercise you'll be doing.

Think About Closure Types: Some of the Shyaway sports bras have traditional hook-and-eye closures, while others are pullover styles catering to the convenience and comfort of our diverse customers.

Try Before You Buy: If possible, try on sports bras before purchasing. Jump, stretch, and move around to ensure the bra provides the necessary support and doesn't cause discomfort.

Assess the Support Level: High-impact activities require more support, so choose a sports bra with added features like underwire or thicker straps. Low-impact activities may allow for more flexibility in terms of style.

Check for Chafing: Look for sports bras with smooth seams or seamless construction to minimize the risk of chafing during movement.

Consider Your Breast Shape: We have different ranges of sports bras designed for different breast shapes. You can pick compression, encapsulation, or a combination of both based on your breast shape.


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