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Sports bra  - Women sports bra is crucial to a woman’s gym and workout gear. Whatever the intensity of your workout, Shyaway has the right sports bra (ஸ்போர்ட்ஸ் ப்ரா) style for both women and girls. We have endless options in colours and designs, with different back patterns like racerback sports bra, cross-back sports bra and strappy-back sports bra. Our sports bras (സ്പോർട്സ് ബ്രാ)  are made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, sports bras (स्पोर्ट्स ब्रा) are comfortable and allow you to move freely. They make you feel cool and confident, and offer splendid support to your breasts during workouts. They minimize the bouncing of breasts during physical activity, thus preventing breast and back pain. In short, they are a testament to her active lifestyle!

Sports bra
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Why do you Need a Sports Bra?

Breasts are mostly composed of soft tissue, and not muscles. What holds them up is the surrounding skin and the internal Cooper’s ligaments, a collection of connective tissue. This immensely supports the breast in it’s normal position without struggle. And without the internal support of this ligament, the breast tissue looses it’s stability and starts to sag. For this reason, it is essential that you wear a sports bra instead of a regular one. Moreover, sports bras are convenient too.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

A sports bra is ideal for sweaty workout sessions and offers effective support. Here is the wide range of benefits of wearing a sports bra

Reduction of Breast Pain: A study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport found that 56% of women experienced breast pain during exercise, and wearing a sports bra significantly reduced this discomfort.

Minimization of Breast Movement: Research conducted at the University of Portsmouth in the UK revealed that breasts can move up to 8 inches during physical activity without proper support. A sports bra reduces this movement, preventing strain on the ligaments and tissues in the breast.

Prevention of Sagging: The American Council on Exercise suggests that wearing a sports bra during exercise can help prevent sagging by providing support to the Cooper's ligaments, the connective tissues in the breast.

Improved Comfort and Confidence: According to a survey conducted by Brooks Running Company, 72% of women reported feeling more confident and comfortable during exercise when wearing a sports bra that fits properly.

Enhanced Performance: A properly fitted sports bra can improve athletic performance by reducing distractions caused by breast movement and discomfort. This allows women to focus more on their activity, leading to better results.

Reduction of Breast Injuries: The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends wearing a sports bra during physical activity to reduce the risk of breast injuries, such as bruising and soft tissue damage, especially in high-impact sports like running and basketball.

Comfortable Fit: According to a survey by the Women's Sports Foundation, 88% of women reported that they were more likely to exercise when wearing a comfortable and supportive sports bra.

Prevention of Chafing: Sports bras made from moisture-wicking materials help prevent chafing and irritation during prolonged physical activity by keeping the skin dry and reducing friction.

Unique Features of Sports Bra

Cups – The cups in the sports bra accommodate your breasts by minimizing breast movements without any spillage. It also helps in maintaining your breast shape. 

Support – Sports bras are specially designed to support your busts while doing physical exercise. The support in the sports bra eliminates bouncing and sagging. 

Moisture-wicking Fabrics – Sports bras act as a second skin. Sports bras are made up of feather-like moisture-wicking fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. 

Adjustable straps – The straps in the sports bra are what make you feel secure and comfortable. It also ensures you have minimal bounce and maximum support throughout the physical activity. 

Underband – The underband in the sports bra provides a fit without chafing your skin. Most of the support in the sports bra comes from the underband.

New Sports Bra Features     

Just because you love sports bras, we have crafted sports bras by including many features. Here are some upgraded sports bras you can find in Shyaway

Impact Levels – Sports bras come with three different compression levels: low, medium, and high-support sports bras. Depending on the intensity of your physical activity, you can choose the impact level. Impact levels are one of the unique features of a sports bra. 

Removable Pads – Removable padding is one of the features of a sports bra. It gives you shape, protects you from nipple show, and boosts your confidence. 

Colours – Shyaway offers a plethora of vibrantly coloured sports bras in Shyaway. All our sports bras are made with color-fresh technology, which will boost your beast mode. 

Styles – Sports bras come in various styles. You can find redefined styles of racerback, classic back, and crossback. 

Patterns – Why invest in boring, old-fashioned sports bras when you have alluring designs in Shyaway? From stripes to abstracts to camouflage, we have breathtaking patterns.  

Front-zip – Sounds interesting and new, right? The front-zip sports bra provides more support than the pullover type. It’s easy to wear, just like zipping up your jacket. This bra is the best type of sports bra designed to enhance support.

High impact sports bra – You need a high-impact sports bra for heavy workout activities. Sports bras with heavy support prevent breast movement, bouncing, and also reduce pain during workouts. 

Three Types of Sports Bras


These types of sports bras come in slip-on type without any built-in cups that pushes the busts against the chest thus keeping the busts in place but does not provide that extra support for heavily busted women. They are best suited for low impact workouts like yoga.


This is specially designed for high impact workouts that lifts and separates each breast and provides maximum support from the under band as well. This bra comes in heavily padded form.

Combination of Compression and Encapsulation

An all-in-one product that comprises the features of both compression and encapsulation types of bra.

Ask for help:

Every woman is unique and every breast profile is different. So to choose a proper bra, ask for help. Lingerie shops mostly have saleswomen who will help you choose the right sized bras. But never buy them without trying them on, because you will never know the proper size if you don’t wear it. Once in a while measure your boob size.

  • Step 1: While wearing a non-padded bra, use a measuring tape to measure around your torso, just below your underarms. And you will get your band size.

  • Step 2: Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and that is your measured bust size.

  • Step 3: Calculated band size subtracted from your bust measurement is your cup size.

The perfect sports bra is expensive, but to be more comfortable we need the better ones. So, get a proper and supportive bra for your workout and it is worth every penny! 

Bras for Occasions

Racerback Sports Bra: Perfect Fit and Support: Indulge in our racerback sports bra collection that is crafted for enhanced support with perfect fit. These sports bra promises you better confidence during your workout session. 

Plus-Size Sports Bra: Workout With Confidence: Plus-size sports bras are specially designed for women with large-size breasts. These bras reduce bouncing to some extent, control breast movement, and offer maximum support. 

Padded Sports Bra: Boost Your Workout Experience: Gear up your gym session with our padded sports bra that offers better comfort during high and low-intensity workouts. Fill your workout wardrobe with the stylish padded sports bra. 

Seamless Sports Bra: Tailored for Every Activity: Experience comfort in all your sports activities with our seamless sports bra. It ensures an elegant style and comfort without compromising the quality. 

Front-Zip Sports Bra: For Your Easy Access During Workout: Grab the perfect front-zip sports bra in your favourite colours. It offers a snug fit and the front open zipper style makes it breathable.

Bras for Workouts

High Impact Sports Bra: Maximum support with reinforced straps and underwire for intense workouts.

Low Impact Sports Bra: Light support and breathable fabric for activities like yoga or walking.

Medium Impact Sports Bra: Balanced support with adjustable straps, ideal for activities such as cycling or hiking.

Sports Bra Based on Needs 

Sports Bra for Women 

Shyaway Sports Bra for Women is the epitome of comfort, support, and style for active women. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing high-quality materials, these sports bras are designed to cater to the diverse needs of women during their workouts. 

Sports Bra for Girls

Shyaway Sports Bra for Girls is the ideal choice for active young girls, offering both comfort and style. Designed with the specific needs of growing bodies in mind, these bras provide gentle support for various activities, from sports to everyday wear. 

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Sports Bra for Teenagers

Shyaway Sports Bra for Teenagers is tailored to meet the unique needs of active young women, providing the perfect combination of support, comfort, and style.  

Best Sports Bra for Heavy Breasts 

Sports bras are optimal for heavy breasts, offering full coverage and a myriad of additional benefits, including superior support, minimized bounce, enhanced comfort, and improved posture.

Difference Between Regular Bra and Sports Bra

Both regular bras and sports bras have specific purposes. You can wear a sports bra for workouts and other sports activities. This bra provides the necessary support, minimizes movement, and keeps you dry throughout the workout. On the other hand, regular bras are designed for everyday use and offer better comfort. You can wear it for college, school, and workplace daily. 

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Fabric Used in a Sports Bra

  • Nylon: Durable, moisture-wicking, retains shape.
  • Spandex (Elastane): Provides elasticity and stretch.
  • Polyester: Lightweight, breathable, excellent moisture-wicking.
  • Mesh: Offers breathability and air circulation.
  • Lycra: Exceptional stretch and recovery properties.
  • Polyamide: Strong, durable, quick-drying.
  • Cotton (less common): Softness and breathability, but may lack moisture-wicking properties.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra Online?

A well-fitting sports bra is essential during your workouts. You can choose the right sports bra based on your size, comfort, and support. Opt for a low-impact sports bra for walking, yoga, etc. If you are doing workouts in the gym or cycling, you may prefer a medium-impact sports bra. Finally, high-impact sports bras are suitable for those who run, skip, and practice high-intensity activities. Pick the right sports bra online based on your needs and preferences. 

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Places where sports bras need to be worn

Gym: The gym is the most obvious location to wear a sports bra. Wearing a sports bra while exercising, whether you're lifting weights, performing cardio, or taking a fitness class, offers the necessary support and comfort.

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Running/jogging: To decrease breast movement and reduce unease, sports bras are necessary when running or jogging.

Pilates and yoga: You will be bending and stretching in different ways during these types of exercises. For these kinds of exercises, a sports bra provides the support and flexibility required.

Dance classes: Dancing is a lot of movement, whether it's ballet, hip-hop, or Zumba. You can move freely without worrying about discomfort if you wear a sports bra.

Cycling: A sports bra offers support and comfort during the ride, whether you're riding outside or doing an inside spin class.

Hiking: Sports bras can give you the necessary support even on rugged hiking paths where regular bras might not be as comfortable.

Sports events: A sports bra can help you stay comfortable all day if you're a spectator at a sporting event, particularly if it's outside and requires a lot of walking or standing.

Traveling: Wearing a sports bra can help you stay comfortable during extended periods of travel, whether you're flying or taking a road trip.

Casual outings: Wearing a sports bra can keep you comfortable without compromising support if you're planning a casual day out that entails touring, shopping, or strolling.

Outdoor activities: Sports bras are fantastic for outdoor activities where you need support and flexibility, including camping, rock climbing, or kayaking.

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Sports Bra By Colours

Grey Sports Bra | Black Sports Bra | White Sports Bra | Nude Sports Bra | Brown Sports Bra | Yellow Sports Bra | Orange Sports Bra | Pink Sports Bra | Red Sports Bra | Green Sports BraBlue Sports Bra | Purple Sports Bra | Printed Sports Bra | Multi Colour Sports Bra

Sports Bra By Sizes

Extra Small Size Sports Bra | Small Size Sports Bra | Medium Size Sports Bra | Large Size Sports Bra | Extra Large Sports Bra | 2 Extra Large Sports Bra | 3 Extra Large Sports Bra | 4 Extra Large Sports Bra

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