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Bralette bra (ब्रैलेट ब्रा) - Stay stylish with Shyaway bralette bras! Explore through a wide range of sexy lace bralettes, lingerie setsand babydolls in attractive colors. Get your bralette bra online now at Shyaway India to bring out the fashionista in you.

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Bralette Bra Online:

Looking for a Bralette bra to break the norm of wearing your innerwear underneath your tops or dresses? Shyaway India’s Top lingerie brand, has the perfect collection of bralette styles of your choice. Now you can embrace the latest trend of wearing your innerwear over your outerwear or show off your elegant bralette by accompanying it with sheer tops or dresses.

It’s time to show off your sexy back in Shyaway’s racerback and strappy bralettes, available in beautiful laces to die for. Buy bralettes in both deep plunging and high necklines for women of every age. Bralettes are available in a wide variety with the most economical prices across India for online shopping only at The price ranges from Rs 399 to Rs 999 the best you can find online in India.

Types of Bralettes

Known for their fancy fabrics and sexy cuts, women’s bralette bras never go out of style. Bralettes are especially available in so many styles and designs that it is almost impossible to pair them with any attire you wear. Some of the most sexy bralette styles are the following,

Cage Bralette

A bralette bra with criss-cross straps at the front or back can be classified as a caged bralette. Wear these to create a dramatic look or to show off your fancy bralette beneath a low-cut top. 

V-Neck Bralette & Deep-Neck Bralette

Low-cut tops and dresses demand a bralette with a plunging neckline. Wear a v-neck or deep neck bralette beneath the plunge and scoop-neck patterns. Of course, you can always choose its trendy counterpart - the halter bralette, if you don’t mind showing off some stylish bralette fashion.

Transparent Bralette 

Also known as a net bralette or sheer bralette, transparent bralettes are those whose cups are unlined and are see-through. These bralettes for women are usually crafted with lace and mesh. 

Heading for a beach vacation or honeymoon? These sexy bralettes are a must-try.

Apart from the sexy and cute bralettes above, there are styles such as a backless bralette, cami bralette, beach bralette, and triangle bra that can be packed for your me-time vacations. Certain bralette bras are available as fancy floral bralettes and designer bralettes that incorporate personal and seasonal elements into them.

Bra vs Bralette

An overall view of the bralette bra is that it is suitable for any and all occasions! Shyaway has the perfect collection of bralette styles for you. Buy bralettes online at our website and enjoy the latest offers.

Gives support Worn for style and comfort.
Crafted in an elaborate manner Crafted minimal
Suited for all women regardless of their size and shape Better suited for women with smaller breasts as they don't need much support
Back or front closure Mostly Slip-on on type
Can’t wear with sheer tops Can pair with a tank top or a see-through top.
Not comfortable as a nightwea Can wear as a nightwear

What makes a bralette so lightweight?

When you start looking for these trend-setting intimates, the first thing you will come across on the Internet is the line-up of lace bralettes online. This is mainly because of the use of dainty fabrics such as lace, cotton, and polyamide in its making. Spandex is a significant addition in the manufacturing process as this offers the ample stretch that it needs to slip it on at ease and to gain that perfect fit. You are sure to explore the simply stunning back styles that add a trendy edge to tank tops, backless dresses, and sheer see-through shirts. Alternatively, you can try the equally stunning front-open bras that are crafted with elaborate designer patchworks and cut works elegantly inculcated into them at the back.

Buy sexy bralette only at Shyaway

Shop the latest bras and bralettes at Shyaway to feel the woman inside you come alive! We have soft cotton bralettes for young girls and the ones with removable pads for women who need nipple coverage.

Whether it is a Bralette (ब्रैलेट) or a babydoll, once you browse through our sexy lingerie collection, it is impractically impossible to live without them. They are cute, adorable, sensuous, balanced, and insanely comfortable with scalloped laces and soft stretch material that feel as smooth and silky as they look. The incredible silhouettes are so alluring that you will be tempted to buy an entire drawer full and always feel hard-pressed to shop for just one!

Shyaway bralettes are available in killer styles like designer, fancy back, lacework, longline, and more. Those designs look chic and sexy as they peep out of your sheer tops. The options that we have are in double, layer, sexy mesh, floral padded with lace, lace padded, back winged lace with pads, double-cross straps padded, criss-cross strap padded, lace cross band, lace front criss-cross, lace on the back with cross-straps, and padded camisole to name a few. You are just a click away from taking your desired lingerie home!

Bralettes have multiple uses. Are you looking for a feeding bra to buy online? The Slip-On bralette is designed to adapt to changing breast shape during these months, making it ideal for nursing and pregnant women.Bralette bras are also comfortable enough that you would want to sleep in them, do yoga in them, or just dance around wearing them, matching your shorts or panties.