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Lace bralette bra - Get your style and a trendy makeover with our bralette bra and lace bra online. Find the wide range of collections in our shyaway online lingerie portal. Make the most use of it.

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  1. Shyle Light Yellow Lace Racerback Padded Bralette
    ₹249 ₹649 (Save 62%)
  2. Shyle Royal Blue Lace Racerback Padded Bralette
    ₹199 ₹649 (Save 69%)
  3. Shyle Rose Pink Full Lace Strappy Back Full Coverage Bralette
  4. Shyle Fiery Red Full Lace Fancy Back Full Coverage Bralette
  5. Shyle Rose Pink Full Lace Fancy Back Full Coverage Bralette
  7. Shyle Green Lace Padded Bralette
    ₹699 ₹1399 (Save 50%)


Women grown in pride to fashion up their style and statement have coupled with growing collection in lingerie. Times are changing and young women wish for varieties of bra and panty set those differ in style and colours to load their wardrobes. Leaving behind the dull fashion, brings you, lot of explicit feminine shades that are even ideal for every taste of woman. Ping into the new amazing creation of bralette that is both stylish and supportive. You may get confused with the term Bralette and what is it and what’s the use of it? To say just in short, it’s a simple and beautiful version of normal bra with a blend of camisole. A bralette is meant for women with smaller breasts as they give your bust more definition and shape and are a perfect fit for all day lounging. They are also worn as fancy inners under semi-sheer blouses that have given their interesting features in cups or back.


 Lace bralettes are the powernet panels for a designer look. You can experience the ultra-comfy while wearing this bra as they are specially designed with fabrics like cotton, polyamide, spandex mix for the proper elasticity, combined with sexy touches like lace and mesh, it's no wonder women across flock to that brand. This is an adequate product from Shyle. These bralettes are of different styles and shades that attract every woman’s soul. Its laceworks are perfectly designed by professionals for an ideal outlook. You can also wear it as an everyday bra for a perfect comfort. Its lightweight feel will even make you forget that you're wearing a bra.  When you are going with your friends for party or any other grand functions, you may wear a low cut top, for such wears you can choose a lace bralette for a perfect outcome as it’s designed with floral laceworks all around the back and front side, giving the wearer a chic look.  You don’t need to worry about your bra exposed as this product is a stylish stuff with amazing designs and shades with lace and straps. They provide a smooth shape to your bust and work great under t-shirt or thin materials. You will look totally decorative and sensuous in this lace or criss-cross or caged strappy bralette. Adjustable straps and elastic base keeps the fit in perfect form. If you are going for a summer weekend to beach with your family, then you can suit yourself with this amazing collection as your beachwear for a sexy look. The caged straps in front and back of your bra gives you a stunning outlook.

The following are the main features of a lace Bralette:

COVERAGE : Every women search for stylish bras for attractive look but are keen about their nipple prominence. To say, this is a full coverage bra with no cleavage to show off, that is the main reason all women love it.

PADDING : When it comes to the bra cup padding levels. Shyle provides you with levels of padding based on your comfort. Padded bra are useful for woman who have an uneven bust and wish to shape and uplift their bust. A soft padded bra provides you with little uplift bust and soft touchy comfort. You can also find unpadded bra, for a simple outfit with an adequate coverage and soft comfy.

WIRING : When it comes to wiring or stitches of bra, they are of seamed, seamless and wirefree functions that differ in each giving you different soothe. Seamed bras have a stitching below the cup that provides your bust support. Whereas seamless bras have no stitches, yet provide you a little support. Wirefree bra is a small supporting band given underneath your cups for the bust to stay in a position.

STRAPS :  Looking for adjustable or detachable, front adjustable or regular strapped bra, you can get your favourite styles as they are of soft elastane that makes you feel comfy and leave no marks on skin. Adjustable straps will lift your bust and gives great support. If you are wearing a low cut top then you can have this detachable or strapless bra for a perfect look. Front adjustable strap bras help women who get tired of adjusting from back side; this will be a great source of help for such needed persons.

SHADES : You are provided with vibrant colours in touch with your desires. You can find colours like black, brown, green, navy blue, nude, purple, red and white.

CLOSURE : Now we come to the final line, that means closure of a bralette, you are provided with 2 and 3 hook- eye closures that give you a perfect fit. We also have slip on closure that can be worn through head, just like a sports bra.


Shyaway majorly focus on the quality, comfortable, durable, absorbent and its easy washable. It provides you with a wide range of choices with the recognized brand called shyle which helps you to create a tidy collection that caters to every need of yours. Be the centre of attention with your flawless style. And moreover buy bra online and give yourself a mix of fashion and style easily. To make sure you feel comfy and classy on the inside, get the perfect bra online on Shyaway store.