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Bralette bra - Pave the way to new styles by shopping a new-gen bralette from Every piece of this dainty companion has all the glam of a Lace Bra and its lightly-foamed padding ensures bust support just like a Padded Bra

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  1. Shyle Light Yellow Lace Racerback Padded Bralette
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  2. Shyle Royal Blue Lace Racerback Padded Bralette
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  3. Shyle Rose Pink Full Lace Strappy Back Full Coverage Bralette
  4. Shyle Fiery Red Full Lace Fancy Back Full Coverage Bralette
  5. Shyle Rose Pink Full Lace Fancy Back Full Coverage Bralette
  7. Shyle Green Lace Padded Bralette
    ₹699 ₹1399 (Save 50%)


In today’s fast-paced world, all that we expect is an element of easiness in everything we do. Be it dressing up to work or flaunting a Bra and Panty Set, being effortlessly stylish is a form of trendsetting in itself. One such trouble-free intimate that is simple and sweet in usage yet highly trendsetting and fashionable is the bralette. Sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, it is nothing but an improvised version of your regular bra. But, what makes it so comfortable, spend worthy and popular among women across the globe? It might be the hook-free nature of a bralette or the exclusively soft lace and fancy fabrics used in the making that grabs the attention of women of all age groups unanimously. Especially, after the influence of Online Lingerie Shopping in India, the female folks have become more aware of this unconventional piece of lingerie.


As mentioned earlier, though bralettes are inspired by the regular brassieres, appearance-wise they resemble a cami bra, except that the under band is extended mostly by lace or cotton blended fabrics. For this reason, they are also called long-line bras. A striking contrast feature of a bralette is that its cups aren’t defined as much as the regular ones but still you get to experience all the support and comfort of a padded bra since most of the bralettes online on are tailored with light level foamed padding. This ensures the required shape that is needed even without the presence of underwires. These semi-circular strips of metals are ignored in the making of bralettes simply to make it an easy-breezy addition to your closet with no restrictions. Apart from this, these light-weight beauties come in a variety of colors and patterns to satisfy the fashion needs of the modern-day woman.


When you start looking for these trend-setting intimates, the first thing you would come across on the Internet is the line-up of lace bralettes online. This is mainly because of the use of dainty fabrics such as lace, cotton, and polyamide in the making. Spandex is a significant addition in the manufacturing as this offers the ample stretch that it needed to slip it on at ease and to gain that perfect fit. You are sure to explore the simply stunning back styles that add a trendy edge to tank tops, backless dresses, and sheer see-through shirts. Alternatively, you can try the equally stunning front-open bras that are crafted with elaborate designer patchworks and cut works elegantly inculcated into them at the back.


To add some extra glam to this already breathtaking piece of lingerie, it is recommended to try the see-through ones. Just like how a Transparent Bra does the magic of show-off some skin bringing on a silky look, Shyle’s nude bralette is an equally hot alternative. Gelling with your tone, this piece fits like second skin. The soft elastane under bands are stretchable and hence form the vital for the much-needed snug fit.


No matter what the occasion you buy a bralette online for, it is always exciting to do some fun styling. For this very purpose, some of the pieces come with back detachable straps. They can be crisscrossed at the back while flaunting racerbacks and deep necklines. In addition to this, a few of them come with front adjustable sliders that help in attaining the perfect fit and shape. Alternatively, if you are completely looking forward to flaunt those bare shoulder tops, simply pick a Tube Bra from Shyaway’s next-gen line-up. Talking about women who still want the conventional style of hooks and closure, Shyaway has bralettes with back fasteners as well. With so many attractive functionalities these are sometimes styled even as outerwear. Their resemblance to crop tops makes our new age folks flaunt bralettes in India with almost any outfit and occasion. 


1. What is the difference between a bra and a bralette?



Gives support

Worn for style and comfort.

Crafted in an elaborate manner

Crafted minimal

Suited for all women regardless of their size and shape

Better suited for women with smaller breasts as they don't need much support

Back or front closure

Mostly Slip-on on type

Can’t wear with sheer tops

Can pair with a tank top or a see-through top.

Not comfortable as a nightwear

Can wear as a nightwear


2. What is a Bralette bra used for?

You can use a bralette when you need light support and comfort. Bralettes are very attractive as it is layered with lace. Teen and women with small breasts can use bralettes as they don’t need much support as they can get from a regular bra. You can wear it for comfort and a casual look. Bralettes can be used as a layering piece under low neck t-shirts which is very stylish.

3. How do you wear Bralettes?

Most of the bralettes are slip-on types and don’t have hook and eye closure. You can wear them as you wear your t-shirts. Wear a bralette under sheer tops, low back neck tees, and denim jackets. Bralettes are so cool that it can make any outfit look modern and trendy. Wear bralettes to pull off the best street style fashion.

4. What is the purpose of a bralette?

A bralette is a trendy bra that is crafted in lace. It is an underwire free bra and sometimes has removable paddings. The purpose of a bralette is to add the layer to your wardrobe while not constricting your breasts. It gives some shape and support. Wear a bralette under any casual western outfits to add a style statement and for an attractive appearance.