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Breastfeeding bra - Celebrate your motherhood with us. We have been pensive putting together some of the best Nursing Bra for you; make the most of this dreamy phase of your life.

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There was a time when breastfeeding was awkward as ever, when it was a pain to undress and dress again; women did not have the right innerwear to deal with their lifestyle changes. A new mother should be well equipped to be able to experience the joy of being one. Bid goodbye to awkward moments and messy feeding with our wonderful line of Feeding Bras. Shyaway’s Nursing Bras are various types, each one carefully and skillfully designed for optimum convenience, style and hygiene. The different types and their functions are explained below for your best Lingerie Shopping experience. We believe educating you will bring the best results. Breastfeeding Bras have evolved over the years and the industry has made it so much more fun and purposeful. The brand new ones at the market today have multiple functions rather than just a bra that opens up to feed your child. Women can now be confident of themselves as new mothers by buying a Nursing Bra that serves all their intimate needs. The entire Nursing Bra collection at is made of pure cotton making it skin-friendly for comfort and hygiene. You might wonder why feeding bras have wide straps; it is to give your breasts extra support during your feeding days. Your breasts will sag from the feeding and these bras cannot have underwires, hence wider straps give you the right support. Do not look at it as a fashion flaw, but embrace it as you embrace the physical changes in your body.

Snap fastener : This latest Bra design is high on demand. It has buttons on both its cups at the gore which can be unfastened for feeding, this opens up the cups, exposing your breasts, allowing feeding. The buttons are of superior quality; fastening and unfastening them is proven extremely easy and convenient.

Slide open : This is a traditional Nursing Bra that has pocket- like cups that have open up when you slide the opens to one side. This involves absolutely no fastening of buttons or clasping. You can slide it open for feeding and when you are done, put it back on.  They come in interesting prints and have lace trimmings to top it off.

Clasp : These have clasps that join the cups and the straps. The clasps can be unlocked while feeding. The cups are almost like flaps; you can clasp and unclasp them very easily.


Padded Bra : Are you the person who wears nothing but padded bras because it is just impossible to go wrong in them? Don’t you worry, we have padded maternity bras. There slightly padded and padded, yet they are not too heavy or tight; they ensure skin breathability and comfort which is what feeding bras should do.

Seamless: Shyle’s baby feeding bra is smooth as ever, no seams, no cup lines and no bumps making it obvious that you are wearing a maternity bra. They are seamless, extremely light and soft; ideal for T-shirts or any body-hugging clothes. A dream bra with everything you ever asked for; befriend this beauty today.

Demi-coverage: Demi-coverage bras do not fully cover the breasts, the cups end half way through and show cleavage. This type of coverage is supremely popular and is a great choice if you want to flaunt your curves. Many people think that nursing bras are boring, but our demi-coverage nursing bras disprove that theory. They serve their purpose and at the same time make you look your best.

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