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Bridal Bra - Glam up your special occasion with enticing bridal bra. Right from a lace wedding bra to a sexy red honeymoon bra, the choices of bridal bra lingerie are endless. Be it your wedding day or honeymoon, we have got all the bridal bras collection covered. From bridal lingerie to Honeymoon Lingerie set.

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For every woman, foremost stands her wedding occasion in comparison to other regular beings. This is the day that she blushes herself in the best bridal attires to gleam in beauty and charm. So she waits for this hour shopping the best-of-all outfit and mainly lingerie to shape them up. Like bridal gowns or sarees, buying bridal bra and panty sets won’t be too exciting but being best in choosing the foundation garment for your body is a wise choice so that your dress doesn’t ruin your look. Many women hoist the query of “how to buy the right wedding lingerie for my dress?” or “which is the best bra for the honeymoon?”.Going to shops to buy your bra might be too hesitant. So, when it comes to online shopping zones, you will feel comfortable and happy to choose your favorite in varying styles and designs. For all your excitements, one of the best lingerie sites in India presents you with the highlighting bridal bra collections which even include your special evening wear. You may also find beautiful bra assortments that can be worn on this special occasion. 


Push up bra graced in lace is the most-loved and adored piece that crafts the blooming desires in you. The soft cups are sewn with levels of paddings giving fuller look. This demi coverage bra has lace workings in giving you the Kalopsia outlook. Wearing a push-up bra beneath your gown provide your bust with shape and beauty. This bra is fabricated with a mix of spandex, cotton, and polyamide giving a soft touch of comfort in an alluring style. You will find various styles of push up bra that are painted in vibrant shades and perennial prints that match your stylish bridal lace apparel giving you the ostentatious glance.  There are many brands like shyle bringing you the mind-blowing selections in a wide range. Women who find difficulty with the back closures in this type of bra can go for a stylish front open bra that has plunged neck with paddings giving pastel perfection to your glimpse. This bra has flaunting racerback designs flourished in lace workings giving you the queen in glance.


Don’t stop with just the wedding lingerie shopping, you will also discover the adorable honeymoon bra collection on our site. Start your wedding evening with candlelight and flowers decorated the room, the next you need is a tempting costume. Suit yourself with a stylish and sexy babydoll nightwear worn with or without your wedding bra. This short chic gown is crafted in rich lace and mesh fascinatingly thriving your beauty. Walk beside your partner in this stylish bridal nightdress and melt him in passion and love all for you. You will also get a chic gleaming G-string panty that matches your nightie providing the ultimate stance of prettiness. Create alluring night-tale memories in this stunning wedding collection from shyaway and be the queen of all-time.


While shopping bridal bra online in India for the first time, one must know the rules of purchasing them. Using a bra size calculator available on our site will help you find your perfect fitting one. All you have to do is take a measuring tape and gauge the size of your bust and band so that you will get your fave. For further queries, you may also contact our experts, as they are free and friendly to guide you. Enjoy shopping with shyaway for the trendy and fashionable looking bra panty selections at affordable range!

Bridal Bra FAQ's - 

1. What are the trends in Modern bridal lingerie?

Bridal bras padded and underwired bridal bras make you more graceful and feminine in any apparel.
Lace thongs- tiny piece of lace panty. It is meant to make your butt look sexy.
Bralettes- pair with the sexy lace thong to flaunt with zing.
Babydolls with g string- pretty, cute, frilly, flowy, call it anything. Whatever it is, it translates into sexy when you wear it.
Lingerie set with robe- cheeky transparent bra and panty with robe

2. What are the good ways to choose a beautiful wedding night lingerie?

Wedding night lingerie is for your intimate times. You can choose lingerie that you like to wear you can ask for your partner’s preferences. Some women choose lace embellished pushup bras and a thong of the same pattern. Transparent baby dolls with g-string and a sheer negligee is on-demand from brides to be and the newly-wed. A lingerie set with bra and panty comes in mesh fabric is fully transparent which is perfect for the wedding night.

3. Why do Indian brides wear padded bras?

• To make their bust look bigger
• To make the breast look fuller
• To give the appearance of firmer bust
• To create natural cleavage
• To give smooth look on any type of apparel
• For better nipple coverage
• To make them look more gracious and feminine
• To make their heavy attire drape well on their body
• To feel more comfortable

4. How to Pick Your Perfect Honeymoon Lingerie

Lace thongs- don’t underestimate this tiny piece of lace panty which makes your butt look sexy.
Bralettes- pair with the sexy lace thong to flaunt with zing.
Babydolls with g string- pretty, cute, frilly, flowy, is extremely sexy when you wear it.
Lingerie set with robe- adorn the cheeky look with transparent bra and panty with sheer, barely-there robe!
Bikini set- a pair of strappy bikini sets for beach getaway