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Buy seamed bridal bra for extra support and comfort. Women with larger bust sizes can go for this bra and this will be perfect under your wedding saree. The fabric cuts will give your breasts the perfect lift and shape. Purchase seamed bras online at an affordable and pocket-friendly price now.

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What makes a bride sweating till the end of her wedding is her dress fitting-like a dream. The words perfection and panic go very well with weddings, it can be taxing to think of something as common as undergarments during the prep. But how your dress fits completely depends on what you’re wearing underneath. Seamed bras are best for saree blouses as they give you an amazing silhouette. Seams may sound very conventional and unfashionable especially when you are used to wearing the padded and T-Shirt Bras. But their significance remains unmatched.

Seamed Bras are made of two or more pieces of fabric and they run across the cup in different angles. Each type of seam aims at and is designed for added support and shape. The seams target the right parts of your bust and give uniform support.

You can also avoid the very frequent problem of bra cup gaps, in a Padded Bra, you might have often noticed how there is a gap between your breasts and the bra. Seamed bras rest extremely well on your skin, holds your breasts fully so there will be no gaps.


Understanding the working of a seam in a bra will break your inhibitions about them. There are four types of seams used in bras today and each one is unique in its function and structure. Read to find out what works best for your body and bust.

HORIZONTAL: These are seams that run from left to right in a 180-degree angle. They give a projected and pointy look. The breasts look firm in this one. It gives a defined and conical shape to the breasts.

VERTICAL: When the seams run from top to bottom, forming a  vertical line they are called a vertical seamed bra. These give your bust amazing support and look them look upright. These are very common not just in bras, but also in fashion so they will work best if your blouses or dresses also have a vertical seam.

TRAVERSE: A traverse seam is confused with a diagonal seam, but they are different, the traverse seam is when the diagonal seams are arched or curved, the lines are not straight. This gives an impeccable shape to the bust, it almost divides the lower and upper part and corrects its shape individually.

DIAGONAL: The seams run diagonally, across the cups, starting from the bottom end of one side, to the top of the other side. They provide great shape, support and centering for the bust. They keep the breasts pointing in the right direction.

Apart from these amazing benefits, seamed bridal bras come in beguiling lace and also lace overalls. The bras serve as a symbol of elegance and royalty, wear these for the wedding night and other special occasions. Shyle’s Lingerie Sets are crafted exclusively for special occasions.