Underwired Bridal Bra Online

The purpose of an underwired bra is to contour the original shape. It gives your boobs immense support and shape. Wired bridal bra is a must, especially if you have a larger bust size. To make your wedding day more special, invest in wired bridal bras and notice the magic yourself. 

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Lacy cups, frilly balconettes, skimpy panties, leather garters; yes, you guessed it right! Bridal Lingerie has always been an interesting and intriguing topic to discuss. Right from choosing the frosting on that wedding cake to hand-picking the perfect bridal bra, a lot of thought, love, and care goes into every detail. Our key point today is one such detailing that goes into the making of bra cups. Underwires are noteworthy strips of plastic, metal, or resin that are fitted in a bra in secured casing for a lot of reasons that would add extra charm to the already gorgeous bride. Apart from being the potential load bearers and lift providers in a Push-up bra, these semi-circular wires are more efficient than one can imagine.


Wedding bells round the corner? Here are a few go-to Underwired Bra styles for the new-age bride!

-Demi cups dazzling their way

It is no surprise that every woman wants something astoundingly magnificent on her d-day to look at her adorable best. With heavily embellished gowns and veils making their way through the hallway, imagine a demi-cupped bra doing its work of soulfully revealing the upper swell of your busts. Well, quite a sight, isn’t it? All hail to the underwires, its collaboration with the right amount of padding didn’t go wrong, after all.

-Front-open with unconventional fasteners

For those brides who would love to go the backless style, there are endless adhesive bras and nipple covers to choose from. But, wouldn’t it be fun to add a dash of twist to the regularity? The wired Front-Open Bras at Shyaway are tailored with designer back patterns, ditching the conventional back hooks. With sleek front clasps and push-up cups to add an element of glam, cherish that sensually-defined cleavage as well.

-Love for lace

It definitely wouldn’t be wrong to say that this dainty darling has dedicated itself to sexy lingerie and bridal nightwear sets. The finesse of the intricate patterns and the rich look and feel that lace offers is truly unbeatable. Lingerie designers have made the best use of this posh fabric into almost everything that speaks grandeur. How appealing would it be when this feather-light making goes hand-in-hand with stable underwires? Enamor’s wired Transparent Bras with unpadded lace cups are worth spending a penny on. At the end of the day, some sheer love is all that a bride needs.


It’s hard not to talk about choosing the right colored lingerie as this special day is a once-in-a lifetime event and demands perfection in anything and everything.

White- Trust us; a spotless white balconette will never go wrong. Choose the ones with a tinge of lace for added oomph.

Nude- Being on the news for all the right reasons, nude bras are fast becoming hot sellers. They way they blend like second skin needs no promotion.

Black- When in doubt, pick up that lacy black bra with wired cups. Wait, we are talking about the wedding night. Add some spice to your honeymoon getaway, with that teeny-weeny lingerie set.

Red- Romantic, racy and royal in every pore, a red bridal bra set is a must-have in your d-day kit. Don’t skip the see-through red babydolls from the label Shyle; thank us later for this suggestion.