Bridal Nightwear

Bridal nightwear Sets - Break those conservative rules by buying Nightwear for wedding night at Shyaway! Looking sensuous is as easy as pie in a Transparent Bra and a pair of g-string panties.

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  1. Shyle Red Black Mesh Babydoll With Mesh Decorated Neckline
    3.6 (5)
  2. Shyle Pink Lace Off Shoulder Babydoll
    4.2 (5)
  3. Shyle Red Back Slit Mesh Sexy Babydoll
    4 (8)
  4. Shyle Grey Halter Neck Lace Embellished Sexy Babydoll
    3.7 (3)
  5. Shyle Violet Lace Babydoll With Scallop Edge Strap
    3.9 (6)
  6. Shyle Pink Lace Babydoll With Scallop Edge Strap
    4 (1)
  7. Shyle Coral Red Mesh Deep V-Neckline Babydoll
    4 (5)
  8. Shyle Royal Blue Lace Babydoll With Pleated Neckline
    5 (3)
  9. Shyle Pink Mesh Deep V-Neckline Babydoll
    3.2 (5)
  10. Shyle Grey Halter Neck Chevron Patterned Sexy Babydoll
    4 (80)
  11. Shyle Pink Back Slit Mesh Sexy Babydoll
    4.8 (91)
  12. Shyle Black Halter Neck Lace Embellished Sexy Babydoll
    3.8 (5)
  13. Shyle Red Diamond Pattern Babydoll
    4.8 (4)
    ₹749 ₹999 (Save 25%)
  14. Shyle White Lace Side Knot Sexy Babydoll
    5 (1)
  15. Shyle Pink Lace Neckline Soft Modal Long Chemise
    4.8 (97)
  16. Shyle White Broad Strap Bottom Lace Soft Modal Chemise
    4 (5)
  17. Shyle Peach Front Lace Soft Modal Long Chemise
    4 (5)
  18. Shyle Skin Spaghetti Strap Bottom Lace Soft Modal Chemise
    4 (5)
  19. Shyle Red Broad Strap Bottom Lace Soft Modal Chemise
    4 (5)
  20. Shyle Coral Lace Neckline Chemise Nightwear
    3.4 (6)


The phrase “A big fat Indian Wedding” is not just about the extravaganza of the rituals or the affluence of the food and décor. Our attention to every detail right from bridal shopping to deciding the nightwear for the wedding night, every aspect is covered. Talking about the latter, it is a rather elaborate process, isn’t it? It is not their fault that women are often skeptical while choosing what’s appropriate for the bridal evening. The insignificant judgemental talks, comments, and stares while buying a Honeymoon Gown is to be gotten rid of without second thoughts. Thanks to the evolution and popularity of Online Lingerie Shopping in India, our country has moved beyond the conservative notions in pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.


Rather than promoting anything particular, we thought giving a few out-of-the-box tips would be rather enlightening, wouldn’t it?


Starting with the most sensuous nightwear known to mankind, a write-up about honeymoon nightdresses isn’t complete without Babydoll’s contribution. Leaving aside the boredom of lengthy descriptions, here is a fascinating question-answer forum set-up to make the reading quite interesting.

Do colors matter?

With red speaking sensuality, black oozing hotness, white narrating dreams, and blue chanting passion, every color are unique in its own way. So, if you ever come across age-old tales about a Red Bra being the only jaw-dropping intimate for the night, think twice. With a lavish palette of colors to choose from, there is no hard and fast rule in choosing the colors.

Will Padding add extra oomph?

It isn’t a bad idea, is it when these foamed cups offer dual functionality of securing the busts and eventually lifting the glam factor. Not many are convinced with the idea of wearing a padded bra underneath a Babydoll. Though they like the idea of padded cups, it is kind of hesitating to put on too many layers of clothing when you want to keep it light and sleek. These padded babydolls serve both the purposes without much effort.

Aren’t ruffles and bows too dramatic?

Absolutely not! This is the time to explore and experiment. There is no room for backing off as you are all free to flaunt everything from vintage style robes to fancy ruffles. Why draw a line when there is so much to spend a penny on. In fact, these cute little add-ons are what add a filmy touch to the babydolls.

Is lace the only consort?

It is true that there is nothing a lace bra and panty cannot conquer. This delicate and dainty fabric has been the best-selling favorite when it comes to honeymoon lingerie. But, is this it? Is there something beyond lace to steal hearts? Yes, there is! Apart from the transparent see-through babydolls, there is also a line-up of these bombshells in sweet and soul-stirring polyamides. The frock-style is something that needs to be relished for those who would like to flaunt some cuteness.


As mentioned earlier, we are definitely not bound to anything specific. So he is what you may call a babydoll’s sister image. These are nothing but the rich and regal chemises. Having taken inspiration from the babydolls, chemises later joined the troupe of honeymoon lingerie. Moreover, these mid-length pieces are luxe partners and are not just confined to wedding nights.


Not exactly a nightdress, but some of the must-haves for the bridal night. At Shyaway, you are sure to come across Shyle’s breathtaking Wedding Bras and panties that are hand-picked with much attention given to detailing lace trims, and embellishments. On the contrary, there are also transparent lingerie sets crafted in see-through lace.

To conclude, “Keep calm and wear gorgeous lingerie”.