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Discover the all-new trendy hipster panty collections with lavish lace and pretty prints embellished to magnetize your look. Unravel your beauty with Sexy Bra and Sexy Panty for the special moments to go, with shyaway! 

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Panegyrize your charm with the best lingerie for the immensely satisfying silhouette. Like brassieres supporting our bust, undies or underwear helps in providing comfort and protection to the bottom area from being blemished by wetness and infections. So, choosing the right panty is crucial for every woman. While browsing for the best-fitting one, shyaway brings you various types of panty that are designed graciously and styled in providing optimum levels of coverage with coziness. Hipster panty comes on trend this season, one of the most admired lingerie piece amid woman carved in diverse fashion and forms revealing beauty and comfy enormously. Hipster panty, otherwise known as hippies or hip huggers, is a cropped version of Bikini and Boyshorts type. They usually cover the navel or sit inches below them. This stylish knicker got its name popular among femininity because of its figure flattering affect and modest features. This panty is waisted in levels of approach as high, mid and low giving great lift.


The benefit of wearing a hippie is that it helps minimize the evidence of panty lines. Standard materials are used to fabricate this knicker in offering comfort and stability to the skin. Due to the cotton fabric, this undie is mostly worn by teenagers for a sporty look. A little lace, mesh and satin are the add ons to this underwear giving a luxurious affair to the wearer. While shopping your favourite panty online from our store it is advisable in knowing the precise size of your waist as it saves both money and risk. It’s also a basic rule that a right fit avoids wardrobe malfunction. So shyaway helps you stay true to your size by offering with the Panty Size Calculator in measuring yourself and finding the best fitting option. 

Based on the coverage and type hipster panty varies. The trendy cuts define the waist and coverage level of the garment. This classic hipster panty is low raised like thong panty with medium coverage covering the entire hip area elegantly. Likewise, the French-cut hipster panty is added to exposure providing a sexy thigh look as the cut is highly curveted. Nowadays the fabric is been thicker with flattering the hip and tummy area controlling the extra skin within the fit. This hipster cut provide full coverage from both front and rear side. This type of stylish is highly popular for full-figured or plus sized woman. In this hippie type the waist band is stretchy with enough allotted spandex material avoiding skin digging and muffins.


LACE STYLING - As hipsters are friendly to all types of body, having a trendy type is not ‘off’ in rules. While aspiring for the sexier glance among hipster stylings, nothing could beat the beauty of a lace panty style. This delicate undie is trimmed in fine lace fabrics enhancing woman’s charisma sexily. This fashionable panty is sewn-in lace all-over the leg openings with ultimate blend of comfort. You will find various shades of this lace panty with lace in fusion or all over. Pretty young girls make this panty as their party wear in match to a lace Bralette.  

CASUAL AND PRINTED STYLINGS - While going for office or colleges, wearing a regular panty will hurt your skin regardless to comfy. So a casual styled hipster with pure cotton mix will do great for the day. Rejuvenate your fashion with Cotton Panties for the wellness and hygiene of womanhood. This buoyant panty is available in unlimited editions with prints of floral abstracts and stunning patterns giving the wearer a redefined femininity. Perfect to style and perfect to admire, shyaway panty assortments deal your every occasion with blooming choices. Just handle them with a soft touch of care. Get them all at affordable prices with offers popping. Make your deals soon and be the owner of the besties.