Cami Bra

Cami bra - Tired of hooking and unhooking your Dailywear Bra? Go beyond the mainstream by slipping into Shyle’s easy-breezy Cami bra or an equally trouble-free Bralette.

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Fashionable ladies, trend these days with double featured brassieres to highlight their charisma. How about a stylish and calming Cami bra? Hearing the word, many brings in the query, Cami bra- Is it a Camisole or a bra? To shorten the detailing, Cami bra is defined as a built-in bra with half camisole shelled in offering support of a brassiere and comfort of a camisole. This stylish yet stunning dual featured bra is also known as shelf bra eliminating the need of wearing regular hooked bra with bodylines unseen. This pretty dude stand-alone at top of the version, with ensuring fabric and cup designing providing breathe factors. It is dependable on the style and pattern, the camisole-bra is tuned to suit every garments.

Shyle is one of shyaway’s own manufactured brand providing all your fave stylings in varying types, shades and designs. You may find all types of trendy Bra and Panty in brilliantly bright and crack-jacking patterns giving you the feminine look.


PADDED BRA TYPES : Every girl might be wearing camisoles, right from her childhood day. So, we can visually understand its featuring. But our shyle Cami bras are diverse in function. It is said that camisoles are usually Unpadded. But this calming cottony Cami’s are cataloged in layers of comfort of pad factors. The cups are neatly sewn with soft padding fiving comfy enviably. This padded bra is soft and thin, covering the nipple prominence offering full coverage with seamings.

MOULDED CAMIS : A trendy bra with padded cups are heated and moulded by machine molding your beauty exotically. This moulded bra type is usually seamless in structure with little lace mingled in edges posing the intense glamour. This bra cups and plunged giving remarkable lift to the wearer. The highlighting factor of this stunning brassiere is that coverage and cuteness are overloaded entirely.

DESIGNER BRA STYLES : A complement to your open shirt and deep neck shirt, a designer Cami bra is all its way high. This multi-style basis is detailed with mesh and lace fabrications making it a crowd pleaser lingerie. This lace Longline bra is beautifully designed with embraced simplicity and sui generis stylings. This designer bra is opulently laced in rear side in cross back and T-back basis. You will find blissful coloured bras in our store that suits your every occasions. It is not that you have to wear these designer collections beneath the garment, you can plush them as your outfits or partywears.

SLIP ON TYPE - Right from teenager period, woman likely go for a slip on type bra than choosing a regular bra. This is because; girls hate dealing with closures that poke the skin while walking and sleeping. Just wide up your fashion with shyle bra stylings, that prettily suit your vary needs and purpose with the best of its type. In our site you might love shopping Teenager Bra and sports bra with slip on stylings, available in all sizes and colors, with racerback and lovely back trends.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE AND REMOVABLE STRAPS - We knew that you struggle with those pinning straps. Some even have the problem of loose straps that go off their shoulders. So, we brought you this Cami bra with fully adjustable strap that can be worn in criss cross or strapless manner. Yes! Strapless manner too! You can happily go for this strapless bra type for your shoulder less gowns.

Enjoy shopping your favourite styled Cami bra online in pretty hues and designs. Find more and shop more in affordable range!