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Capri set - Always wear cute Nightwear like Capri set to bed, you will never know who you will meet in your dreams. Create your own style with beautiful shorts sets from Lingerie site

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Buy cozy Capri sets online and let your dreams blossom

Are you bored wearing the old style sleepwear again and again? No worries, there are so many stylish nightwear available online to buy which will keep you cozy and comfortable. For a good night sleep, you need to wear something loose and soft. Capri sets are a good choice for teenagers. Capri set includes a half sleeve or sleeveless top with three fourth bottom.  They will be made of cotton fabric and will fit loose to your body. Many of you might be having this style in your wardrobe. There are beautiful prints available in Capri set making you look fresh even on the bed. We, shyaway has few good collections in Sleepwear, you must give a look online.

Capri sets – A new era in fashion without rules

When looking to buy a comfortable nightwear, you might have come across the term “Capri top and pants”. Capris can be long shorts or three-quarter pants. Your grandma can call them as a pedal pusher. The bottom of the pant will lie several inches below the knee. They are perfect to be worn during summer and great alternatives to shorts. Ladies of middle age group prefer wearing them to bed because the outfit will remain loose and will cover a full portion of your body. After wearing a fitted cloth day long, ladies prefer wearing something comfortable to the bed. There is plenty of nightwear available to choose online and few available at our site shyaway are Pyjama Set, Camisole, tank top, and loungewear.  Get your wardrobe refreshed with few of our pieces.

Why keep it loose when you are on the bed

There is a different kind of form-fitting clothes available for women to wear to bed. Whether it’s a tank top or something sexy like a Babydoll, many women doesn’t like wearing tight and clingy outfit. Skin tight dresses will pose risk to your overall health. If you are wearing constricted clothes to bed such as a pushup bra or a tight t-shirt, this would restrict proper blood circulation throughout your body. You may not be able to breathe normally throughout the night. Your skin needs to breathe and if you are wearing something tight to bed this could lead to skin irritation. You may sweat more and would affect your sleep cycle. For a good night sleep, you need to wear something loose. Here come cotton fabric Capri sets at our shopping site which will help your skin to breathe throughout the night.  So buy Capri sets online from shyaway and solve your sleep problems.

Sleepwear you may try for the weekend from shyaway

Other than Capri set we have few other comfortable nightwears available at our site shyaway, you may give a try on weekend.

Loungewear - Lounge wear will be having breathable material which will remain super comfy during nights. You will get short or long options to wear on the bed. It gives a relaxed fit and easily available in different sizes.

Pyjama Sets - The sleepwear are the best friends for girls. There is nothing comfortable than pajamas as they transform your bad mood to good mood. Cute print pajamas will make you look pretty. Have them from our shopping site from shyaway.

Babydoll – Babydoll is a nightwear very comfortable to be worn during summer. You may prefer wearing full length to beat the heat and mid-length for intimate nights. They are sexy nightwear to make you look extremely beautiful for your partner.

Chemise – It is a lightweight dress made of silk or satin and they add charm to the beauty of any women. Chemise can be worn for special occasions like honeymoon or date night. They look gorgeous and decorous.