Casual G-String Panty

Don’t let those panty lines ruin your day! Grab a casual g-string panty online and rock your outfit with confidence. On the contrary, opt a Lace Panty or a Transparent Panty in the same style to spice up your special moments.


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Recently, we found a lot of discussions on several social media platforms including Quora on the various options to overcome VPLs. Wait! The urban dictionaries have acronymed almost anything and everything. VPLs simply mean visible panty lines. Ufff! We understand the frustration though. Those dreadful days when your much-loved Cotton Panties leave you feeling low by sneaking through your skin-fit leggings or curve-hugging skirts.

So, how about going panty less then? While this seems easy in words, practical difficulty strikes in when there is absolutely nothing to secure the genitals. This is when a casual g-string panty uses all its strength to exist yet disappear. Is it going to wear an invisible cloak or something? (Lol, just kidding!) Thanks to its scaled-down patterning and minimal use of fabric in the making; these are the features that have led to the popularity of this barely-there intimate.


With so much skin to reveal, these g-strings were an epitome of Sexy Panty styles in the 50s, especially in the Western countries. Exposing the entire back, the itsy-bitsy strings that run through the butt cheeks are attached to an equally teeny-weeny waistband to go along. It is a fashion revolution that these once-sexy panties have now turned out to something casual and comfortable for daily use. All hail to cotton for making this possible. Cotton g-string panties in India have now become an everyday affair and have started making their way into every woman’s carefree closet.

-Sweat accumulation and rashes are some of the inevitable problems that show their ugly faces during the scorching summer heat. These are the times when your skin needs ample breathability and air circulation to keep infections at bay. The soft crafting, smooth finishing, and reduced fabric of g-strings are something we should be relieved about. With a triangular front and soothing waistband in elasticized cotton, there are absolutely zero chances of the innerwear getting rolled up.

-Moreover, every g-string panty at Shyaway comes with a hygiene-oriented gusset at the crotch. We guess this feature explains a lot about how rumors about g-string strings not being suitable for daily use are mere misconceptions.

-Why confine these super-pretty cuties underneath clothes, when they come dyed in sweet shades? Plan a beach holiday with your girl-gang and soar in a chirpy Printed Bra and a complementing g-string panty.


With a slightly wider waistband and a bit more fabric in the construction, thongs were the ancestors who lend their helping hand when the annoyance of VPLs was first discussed. These fancy panties were initially tailored in feather-light lace and plush polyamides and were later opted by Lingerie Brands as an improvised dailywear. But, soon after the thongs became a thing of the casual closet, g-strings stole women’s hearts in becoming a natural favorite.

Can g-strings be worn during the night?

Wait! We aren’t talking about your spiced up evenings with your loved one or those romantic honeymoon getaways. Of course, the lace lingerie sets and will do all the right things in right proportion. But, right now we mean those cozy nights after a tiring day at work or a lone hour when you crave for some self pampering. Yes girl! Slip into your favorite pyjamas, tie up your hair into a pony, and slip into a casual g-string for an uninterrupted sleep time. After all, discomfort is out of question when the undergarment is scarcely there.