Chemise Sleepwear

If you’re looking for a cool and comfortable Sleepwear tonight, try a chemise sleepwear from shyaway. This sexy adorable lingerie stays as the root of beauty. You may also add Stunning Lace bra and lace panty for the instant attraction.

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It’s been a tiresome day out, isn’t? Working all day at office in formal or casual gears is really been disgusting and hopeless in comfort. We all know that the privacy and happiness for a woman is only added at her house. So why should we take risk in it wearing tight-fitting clothings. A loose hanging undergarment or nightwear is indeed gracious and wise in choice. Chemise an attractive little luminous nightgown saying hi to all pretty girls. This nightdress is special designed to wrap woman with perfection of goodness and smoothness of elegance. The short gown is straight hanging from the shoulder extends mid lengthen giving an exotic look. The history of this sleepwear is quite beautiful in approach. It was in those middle age period; where chemise was known as an undergarment to both men and woman. This is sleeveless underwear resembles like a modern shirt but more delicate and loose in structure. Woman used to wear them under their gowns while moving out as their body oil won’t stick to their outfit. Due to this reason they used to wash them regularly. Girls love walking in their bedroom in this sexy wear without a Bra and Panty Set that add them coverage and comfort to relax the night. In the modern days only these shorts were replaced by brassiere and panty. But the truth is that chemise still exists as sleepwear today!

Add elegance and sexiness to your wardrobe in this sultry nightwear from our shyaway house in blushful collections. Look and feel your best in day or night in these eye-popping shaded satin nightwears for woman. The category features a broad range of lingerie including babydoll, Pyjama Set, short sets, etc. Our nightwear assortments will make you stay cool and comfortable in sensual manner.  


Chemise sleepwear is a pull over styled short gown with pleats at the centre allowing the bust to stay still. There are different forms of trimming with ruffle, frills or furbelow pleated on edges giving a sexy look to the garment. A ribbon is tied in the central part of the cup shaped gown for extra stance. Some western styled ladies wear them at both day and night time. During the summer morning, ladies wear them under their outfits for a silky soft skin. Well, night times seem too relaxing in this satin wear. To the whole this chemise nightwear is accurately similar when compared to shyaway’s Babydoll Nightwear collection. The only difference in this lingerie is that the gown is too loose from the bust lining that stays unfit at the waist. This mid length chemise has adjustable straps that makes


Is it your first day to office? Get ready for your workday with the added up of boldness wearing chemise above your T-shirt bra. Selecting color based on your outfit is magnificent in choice. Wearing solid white under a dress with high heels will make your board meeting successful. As said before confidence and beauty comes from inside, chemise stays as the positive charger for every young girls. Wearing the right lingerie keeps you comfortable and covered giving gorgeous glimpse.

Pretty girls going for a date or dinner out with friends, can spice up their outfits wardrobe with a ravishing and smooth undergarment. Choose bright shaded lingerie such as a Sexy Push Up Bra under your silky chemise gown for the seductive Merrywidow glance. The ruffle and frills in the sexy night gown will make it sweet on you. Just suit them with lace hosiery and funky feather-cut robes; I will surely say that you are out of line! Tonight will be your hot night with dramatic dance and wine with your BF.

Right from cute to catchy, sweet to sexy, finesse to fancy, our hand-picked pieces of lingerie speak every form of femininity. Just make your shopping to the peak!