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Cotton Panties - The ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort, super soft, making an ideal choice for everyday wear, we talking about cotton panties. Buy The Latest Collection in cotton thongs, white cotton panties, cotton bikini panty, and cotton hipster panties.

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Panties were first designed to cover the lower half of the female torso, later in 1970 it evolved and became much shorter having no legs, or very short ones which is the famous Brief. Earlier, underwear was widely used as form-fitters by women to help shape their bodies. The nylon material was used for this reason, as it more form-fitting than cotton. The word “knickers” is used in the U.K and “Panties” are used in the USA. Both these terms refer to women’s underwear. The panty was invented to protect a women’s modesty and for use during menstruation.

The daily hustles and hassles drain us and put us on a constant rash ride; that we hardly breathe. While still hoping and praying that you get through the day smiling and sane, we would like to present to you some sweet pleasures to savor this summer. Pure Cotton Panties are must-haves and its a good idea to restock them every season for hygienic purposes.

The heat is rising and it seems like the summer will never end. Cotton panties for ladies are flying off the racks from stores as the public is trying to keep cool. Make sure you treat your bum and sensitive areas with the right care they deserve. Start building a Lingerie wardrobe with cotton bras and panties. It is extremely important to wear high-quality cotton underwear in the summer. While buying ensure that the panty is lined with a cotton-rich fabric to absorb sweat, moisture, and vaginal discharge. This will keep infections at bay and protect your skin. It ensures feminine hygiene.

At, we keep in mind your body's requirements and seek to pamper your curves. You will be stunned by our collection of hipsters, thongs, G-strings, boyshorts and bikini panties - and what's more, you can get these in cotton. We also have cotton lingerie sets if you like to match your bra and panty.

HIPSTERS - Also known as ‘hip huggers’, the hipster is an everyday favorite among women across the globe. It features wider sides for minimal to moderate coverage. Their waistband sits at the hips. Cotton Hipsters Panty features leg openings that are cut higher than those of boy shorts and lower than those of a bikini.

BIKINIS - Bikini style panties are the most popular of all styles and the most widely worn. It is usually tailored with a mid to low rise waistband and offers medium to complete coverage to your rear. A typical bikini panty is distinguished from hipsters by its shorter panty wings. Brands like Jockey craft most of their underwear in bikini style. Out home brand, Shyle has some silky smooth Cotton Bikini Panties in fabulous prints and colors and many of them are crafted with gorgeous lace rendering a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Liberti World and Shyle have bikini style panties in high-quality cotton fabric and exciting prints.

THONGS - These are a type of panty that has leg openings but they do not cover the butt cheeks, they have very minimal coverage that runs like a line through the middle, it reveals your bum and has no panty lines. These are perfect for figure-hugging clothes.


Thongs are panties that do not cover your butt cheeks, this means that your cheeks can now be free, and the skin can breathe. This summer you can try these to let your bum get some air, it will be healthier to leave them with no coverage than put on something that will cause sweat, rashes, and discomfort.

The leg openings can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you are feeling hot, it restricts your movement and sticks to your skin. You can avoid all this wearing a cotton thong.