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Extra padded bra - Look beautiful and extremely sexy in Shyaway’s Padded Bras. Treat yourself to these wardrobe essentials that have been tailored in designs to offer contouring, support and a faultless look. Get the perfect foundation to your everyday needs now.

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The years 1947 through 1950 were quite an interesting phase for lingerie. It was in this period that Frederick Mellinger introduced padded bras to the world. From the time they were born, there hasn’t been a single dull moment in the life of padded bras. All lingerie brands responded swiftly to the surge in demand for these undergarments by creating brilliant variants of the padded bra. The lingerie market of today sells lightly padded, medium padded, heavily padded and extra padded bras. The material most commonly used for padding is foam. This light material is used in a variety of bras – Dailywear Bras, push-up, Sports Bras, bralettes, Cami Bras and even feeding bras. Here is a rundown of the padded bras online at Shyaway.com. You’ll be happy to hear we even have the beloved camisoles with padding. Read on.


You’ll be amazed by the variety of colours and prints available in our moulded and padded bras. You’ll find quirky prints like sailor prints, kaleidoscope, pleasantly feminine floral prints as well as solid colours. Our seamless, padded everyday bras are the perfect foundation for T-shirts and other close fitting garments as the cups are smooth. There will be no seams showing through your clothing.


Some sports bras (or active wear bras) on Shyaway are crafted with removable padding. The advantage of including a removable padding in sports bras is that you can remove them for mild activities. You can leave the padding in for strenuous activities. Explore our range of padded sports bras to find yours.


Our underwired, padded bras promise magical contouring to your breasts. Women are generally skeptical about wearing underwired bras because they assume they’d experience discomfort. But with our bras, this will never be a problem. The underwires are encased in plush casing so they don’t poke your skin. Just make sure you measure yourself with Shyaway’s Bra Size Calculator to find out the right size and you can experience all the advantages of underwired padded bras.

These bras support, shape and contour your breasts providing remarkable silhouettes.


These beauties lift your breasts up making them look fuller and rounder. Crafted with angular padding at the bottom of the cups, push up bras are also referred to by some as heavily padded bras or extra padded bras.

Level 1 Push Up Bras are constructed with very light padding that ever-so gently pushes your curves up. This is comfortable and feels just slightly different from your dailywear padded bra. It would certainly not take much time getting used to.

Level 2 push-up bras have thicker padding as compared to the level 1. They give a sharper definition to your cleavage and push your breasts further up.

Level 3 push-up bras come with very heavy padding at the bottom of their cups. The level of push they offer could make your breasts look up to two cup sizes larger.

On Shyaway.com, you will find vast kinds of push-up bras.  Superior cotton push-up bras are perfect for the scorching summers. We also have polyamide blends in striking colours and prints.


Initially used only as an inner garment, camisoles are being worn as a top these days. The soft and skin-friendly fabric is a hit among women who wear them purely for the comfort. Shyle brings to you camisoles with a built-in shelf bra that is padded. Our camisoles amalgamate the functions of the bra and camisole thereby eliminating the need to use two different products.


Find easy-breezy bralettes and stylish cami bras that are tailored with removable padding. If you like lace, you will love our collection in which the entire longline portion has been crafted with transparent lace. Our chic bandeau bras are a statement in their own right. The extra padding in bras of this kind offer ample support and contouring to your breasts. Each of the above styles presents your breasts in different light. Go ahead and complete your feminine look. We bet it will be cool to own one in each style to experiment and expand your wardrobe options.