Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best Way to Care For My Bra? [+]

It's important to care for your bras properly. If your bras are washed, dried and stored correctly, they will longer and and give you more support. The very best way to wash your bras is by hand, with a mild intimates detergent. Don't use a detergent that is intended for sweaters, such as Woolite, as this can break down the elastic.

What is the correct way to put on a bra? [+]

The following steps explain how to put on a bra the correct way. Wearing your bra properly is as important as finding the correct bra to wear. Take these steps:

  1. Place your arms through the straps and slide them over your shoulders.
  2. Bend forward from the waist and adjust your breasts so that the nipples are on the fullest point of the cup. Make sure your breasts are completely in the cup.
  3. Fasten the hooks to the middle position.
  4. Stand up straight and adjust your straps again so your breasts are at the right level in the bra.
  5. Make sure your bra fit is comfortable and sits in the middle of your back.

How Do I Know When My Bra Does Not Fit Properly? [+]

There are ways to know that your bra sizing is incorrect. Some immediate signs are:

  1. Rising up in the back: When your bra rises up in the back, this means it is not supporting the weight of your bust.
  2. Shoulder Pulling: If you find yourself leaning or hunching forward regularly or if your shoulders are strained from pulling forward, chances are your bra is not the right size for your bust.
  3. Falling Breasts: Your breasts are not being properly supported if they do not sit upright in a central position on your chest.
  4. Falling Straps: If your straps slide down your shoulders or leave red marks in your flesh, your bra is probably too big around the bust and too small in the cup area.

How do I prevent my panties from riding up? [+]

If this is a constant problem, you are probably in the wrong size. Measure yourself using the steps on our Panty Fitting page and you will probably find that you need to go up a size. However, if the size is correct, your panties may have lost their shape and need to be replaced. See our Panty Size Chart

How do I eliminate panty lines? [+]

Wearing a Thong or Seamless panty will eliminate panty lines at the back.

What's the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra? [+]

A sports bra is basically cotton plus lycra, or a moisture-wicking fabric, and it has no hooks, adjustable straps, or underwire. It basically holds breasts flat to one's chest so that nothing moves while you move, lol.

A regular bra has hooks, lace or fancy details, adjustable straps, and often has underwire, padding, and other forms of support. The function is to lift, separate, and support in non-athletic endeavors.

DO Thoroughly rinse your suit in fresh, cool water immediately after use.

  • Hang your suit to dry naturally after use.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions on the garment label.


  • Wash your suit using soap or detergent.
  • Dry your suit in direct sunlight, on a radiator or in a tumble dryer.
  • Roll your suit in a towel after use. This retains any remaining heat and chemicals in close contact with the fabric, which can accelerate deterioration.


  • Sun creams and lotions coming into contact with your suit.
  • Rough surfaces which could snag or tear the fabric.

Call for a fit consultation [+]

We can help your best fitting bra, and speak directly with a bra fit specialist +91 82204 44558 We'll talk you through how to check your fit, and help you determine next steps.

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