Full Coverage Sports Bra

Full coverage bra - Secure bust health in Shyaway’s Full Coverage sports Bra. While Jockey Bra seems to be the reigning champ under the sports category, Shyle is one other label whose zipper-style Padded Bras are equally efficient. 


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Infinite Reasons to Buy a Sports Bra

 “The harder the battle the sweeter the victory”-Les Brown

With the gigantic growth of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, the Internet is flooded with pictures clicked at the gym and videos taken during workouts. While we are jaw-dropped by the poser’s well-maintained physique, there is nothing much we do rather than scrolling the screens of our smart phones. It is not about sporting that fitness-freak look or fancying a trendy Sports Bra and Tights, it is more about the health benefits and the effort put in building that toned body. As much as there are campaigns and posters creating awareness on maintaining physical health, it is also vital that we spend some quality time on the significance of bust health as well. At Shyaway, pretty much every effort is taken to enlighten women on the importance of Sportswear and how every in-built feature aids in providing the best results when compared to a conventional full-cup bra.

How Beneficial is Full Coverage to a Sports Bra?

Encapsulation is the right term to describe this. The closure that fuller cups provide gives a secured look and feel to the busts. This might come as a life saver when your workouts involve a lot of physical movement.

-When the complete coverage functionality blends with efficient foam padding, the breasts are held in place, thus reducing bounce during intense routines such as jogging and skipping. Bounce protection not only ensures good composure of breast tissues but also helps in posture maintenance to a great extent.

-Racerback Bras have been some of the hot faves on the site. But, did you know that these new-age intimates got their inspiration from sports bras? Yes, the racerback patterning found its first occurrence in gym gears. This functionality was inculcated mainly to enhance the freedom of arm and shoulder movements. When this high-utility back style gets its attention along with ample front closure, there is nothing that could curb the efficiency of your fitness routines.

-Spillage is something that needs good attention and is completely unacceptable even in a traditional hook-fastening bra. It not only is an appearance-related misfit, this will ultimately lead to bust strangling and constriction, which is a sign of bad sizing. The fuller finish of a Sports Bra is sure to come as a life saver in these cases. But, if you find this attribute still not helping, it is time that you jump to the next size.

Energizing Highlights of Shyle’s Full Coverage Sports Bras

-Front zippers are something to look for when it comes to the gym range from the label Shyle. Not to worry! They are poke-free, come with soft folds on either sides and are quite a relief for those who wish to have an easy-access opening in their free-spirited intimates.

-There is no fun in a fitness regime without a neon bra. The color is so highlighting that everyone from athletes to celebrities are snapped wearing one. To bring this pacy style to reality, Shyle has set its foot into exhibiting robust bras in striking fluorescents and mint shades.

P.S. Here is a small reminder to all those lovely women who are geared up to hit the arena of strength and well-being. Choose your sports bra wisely depending on the type of regime you are intended to do. A low-impact slip-on would suffice yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, whereas a high-impact Padded Bra under the high-octane category is very much essential for acts that involve rigorous bust movements.