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Say ciao to revealing panty lines by shopping Shyaway’s g-string panties. Not, just this! Opt the hottest Lace Panty  version of g-strings and team it with a Transparent Bra for that grandiose silhouette.

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The phrase “less is more” seems to be the most appropriate way to describe a G-String. Though, these minimized pieces of Lingerie reached their peak of popularity in the early 1900s, g-string panties have a rather interesting history. In fact, there are a few mentions regarding the use of these barely-there intimates by the tribal people of South Africa, sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? So, now, what made this scaled-down yet Sexy Panty style receive a universal welcome by women folks around the globe? The features are simple and straight, just like its appearance.


The qualities of this sleek and rear-revealing panty seek to be experienced rather than being explained. Nevertheless, here are the gleaming highlights of the uncurbed escapade in a g-string.

-Light in weight ultimately because of the minimal use of fabric making it a free-spirited dailywear.

-Uncomplicated patterning that involves a soft and soothing cord connecting the crotch, extending its way to the rear of the waistband, doing justice to the name g-string.

-The flawless glam-appeal is something that needs a sure mention and probably this is what made this undergarment stand out from the rest of the panty styles.

-The charm in which this disappearing pair of undies leave no trace with close-fitting skirts and figure-hugging leg wear.

-How effortlessly a G-String secures its place in your honeymoon lingerie kit is a different story in itself that needs a separate mention considering its crafting in sheer-filled lace.


It isn’t new that g-strings are often confused with Thongs. In spite of their similarities in terms of minimized rear coverage and the concept of unrevealing panty lines, these undergarments have distinct features in terms of usage and appearance. In simple words, thongs have low-rise leg openings, and unlike g-strings, there is a fair strip of cloth that runs through the rear. Having close resemblances to a Bikini, thongs make the best use of cotton, lace, and polyamide in their making. For those of you who would love to go for a comparatively extra closure are free to go with thongs beneath mid- and low-waist formal and casual wear.


CALMING CASUALS  - Leaving aside the endless debates on using g-string on a daily basis, the soft cotton making and feather-light finish of these cotton panties can never be ignored. With summer taking its toll during most time of the year, it isn’t that bad, after all, to embrace your skin with ample breathability. With fun-filled colors from the label Shyle, there are a lot more reasons to shop g-string panties online at Shyaway.

LURING LACEWORK - As said earlier, g-strings tailored in intricately-crafted lace heightens the glam factor, without a doubt. With cute satin bows embellishing the waistband and see-through lace resting subtly on the skin, the look and feel is truly mesmeric. This might also be the reason why these hot and happening panties remain to be a bridal favorite. Apart from the looks, its functionality ranks high offering a smooth and subtler finish beneath heavily accented wedding gowns.

PEPPY PRINTED VERSIONS - An undeniable swimwear, printed G-String is a chirpy addition to your happy-go beach holiday. The teeny-weeny digitized dyes create spell-binding magic to these lively intimates. Moreover, the right proportions of cotton and spandex make it a skin-friendly choice, especially during scorching summers.

SOUL-STIRRINGLY SEXY - Adhering to its drool-worthy finish and alluring aesthetics, it is no surprise that Shyaway’s Babydolls get accompanied by a matching g-string panty. Oh, wait! Wondering what a babydoll is? It is nothing but a showy and sensual piece of garment that makes its fancy red-carpet entry into your honeymoon getaway closet. With sheer fabrics and romanticized ruffles oozing all the oomph, these are captivating enough.

At the end of the day, all we realize is “life is too short to wear mediocre underwear!”