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Are you in search of a high support bra for enhanced support? Then you must have a look at our high-support fitness bra from Shyaway. A high support bra comes in different styles, and it can also be used for sports sessions. Shyaway’s high support bra - India provides adequate support and comfort to your busts without sacrificing the style. Hurry now to the Shyaway shop to grab the best collection of hi-support bras at a feasible price.

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Why a High Support Bra?

If you are a gym maniac, yoga freak, or in general a woman who loves physically enduring activities as part of your health regime, then you will definitely be aware of the impact these activities have on your breasts. This is where a high support bra comes into place. For women new to the entire concept of high-impact workouts/sports and high support bras, here is a rundown.

Workouts and sports involve movements that are not similar to each other. Doing a yoga pose is not the same as doing a burpee in the gym. When you walk your dog or jog with it, more sudden stops will happen than when jogging/running on the treadmill. But one thing is for sure -  when women move, their breasts move.

This means a high support bra needs to endure movement of your breasts and hold them in place so as to reduce pain, sagging, and decrease in performance due to such movements. It must also be prepared to face any athletic performance and stress to the woman’s body when working out.

A high support bra, therefore, needs to be supportive and understanding of your body as well as increase the benefits of your physical activity.

What to look for when buying a High Support Bra?

High support bra for women has multiple uses in sports, and workouts as well as general support for larger-breasted women. Even within sports, there are different poses and movements performed. Doing yoga isn’t similar to rock climbing, and running isn’t the same as cycling. Therefore, the following factors would be helpful to consider when deciding to buy a high support bra,

Coverage - Full coverage is mandatory for high support bras in order to prevent your breasts from spillage and reduce the pain endured due to movements. Therefore opt for full coverage and full cup sizes when choosing your high support bras for workouts.

Strap type and Adjustability - This is a key feature to consider when choosing a high support bra. Women’s breasts are of different sizes, placements, and shapes, hence having multiple adjustable options in straps aids in providing maximum support needed. Strap types and adjustability will also reduce the stress endured by your arms and busts during sports. 

Fabrics - Sweat-absorbent fabrics and elasticity in the material used will help a lot during workouts. These factors make the fit perfect and breathable.

Closure - Depending on the workout styles and the environment it is performed in, some women prefer pull-over bras the most and others zippers and clasps. Closures can be based on personal preference but ensure your comfort and take into consideration your workout styles.

Anatomy of a High Support Bra @ Shyaway

Shyaway’s high support bra is a sweet spot between a sports bra and a minimizer bra. Our high support bra for ladies and girls combines the best features of both these bras to provide maximum support to those who wear them. Apart from ‘support’ which is already evident in its name, high support bras from Shyaway also provide the following,

Coverage - Shyaway’s high support bras are available in full coverage and full cup sizes for your maximum comfort. Perfect for any hiking and biking you do during the weekends.

Strap type and Adjustability - Making a high support bra sexy is a hard task and we have made sure that you stay on trend with our multi-strap options. Our high support bras have straps that can be removed and interchanged, adjusted high and low.

Fabrics - We use cotton spandex to provide you with breathability and elasticity when working out. 

Benefits of Shaway’s High Support Bra

It is developed to provide ultimate support and full coverage to your breasts when working out. Any high-impact sports can be performed in this bra. It prevents spillage and reduces the unnecessary workout your boobs undergo. 

One of the most common complaints heard from  women who work out or endure high-intensity sports is that they experience sagging in their breasts. This can be highly reduced through a high support bra. 

How to choose the right High Support Bra for Women

Not only high support bras, to choose any bra, knowing your size is the first step. 

Know your size - There are two main sizes to know when choosing any bra - Band size and Bust size.

Band size:

To measure your band size, take a measuring tape and turn it towards the Inch side. Now place the beginning of the tape under your bust, exhale, and measure the circumference under your band. This would be your band size. In Shyaway your band size will be indicated in inches and hence mentioned as 32, 34, 36, etc. If your measurements are in the middle, like 28.3, round it off to 29.  Rounding off your measurements to the nearest even number will help you find the right size, especially when buying a High support Bra online. 

Bust size:

Bust sizes are the indicators of cup sizes. To measure your cup size, wrap the measuring tape over the largest part of your bust (usually the nipple area) and hold the tape in a comfortable position. The tape should not be too tight or too loose. Once properly held, measure the size and round off to the nearest whole number. Suppose you get 31 inches, make it 32 (not 30).

Measuring bust sizes are a bit tricky since sizes vary widely in women. Usually, this highest part is the nipple area in most women but it might vary a little depending on a woman’s natural bust shape. Once you have found the highest part of your bust, it will be easier to measure your bust size.

Measuring bust sizes are a bit tricky since sizes vary widely in women. Usually, this highest part is the nipple area in most women but it might vary a little depending on a woman’s natural bust shape. Once you have found the highest part of your bust, it will be easier to measure your bust size.

Now that you have your band size and bust size measurement, you can use the well-known cup Size formula,

Cup size = Bust Size - Band Size

Every inch difference will denote a cup size. A difference of 1 inch denotes A, a difference of 2 inches denotes B, and so on. Use the table below for reference.


Difference (Bust size- Band size) in inches Cup size
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 DD

Now that you have figured out your Bra choices and sizes, shop away at Shyaway! We offer high support bra at best prices and provide one of the easiest portals to shop hgh support bra online in India.